Color: Plum & Grape

The Dutch masters knew the power of deep purple to create a sumptuous look. Now, with a boost from the decorating world's love affair with dark shades, the velvety tones of plums, pomegranates, and black calla lilies are experiencing a renaissance.

Shades of purple paint.
Collage of home decor including a lamp, pillow, artwork, throw, and paint colors. photo

Featured Products

  1. Kimono Violet SW 6839, price varies;

  2. Plum Crazy VR001B, price varies;

  3. Deep Plum 12RR 07/229, price varies;

  4. Sugar Beet M1A30-7, price varies;

  5. Safavieh lamp, $124 for two;

  6. Similar item featured, $25;

  7. Indonesian Summer, Java painting, $337;

  8. Peony herringbone throw, $128;

  9. Cabernet, price varies;

  10. Mark, price varies;

  11. Bright Black Raspberry 14RR 09/333, price varies;

  12. Pale Jade 70GY 46/120, price varies;

  13. Majestic Orchid PPU1-17, price varies;

  14. Japanese Kimono PPU1-5, price varies;

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