Color: Fruity Pops

If you want bright colors that are soothing, you've got to go creamy. Think orange sherbet, not orange juice. Look for yellows, pinks, and oranges that have warm undertones and a slightly cloudy quality. That makes them pleasantly refreshing rather than pucker-up intense.

Light pink, orange, and yellow paint lids next to sherbet popsicles
Collage of yellow, orange, and pink paint chips, home products, and accent furniture photo

Featured Products

  1. Pink Mimosa B108-3, price varies;

  2. Papaya Sorbet P250-1, price varies;

  3. Honey Bee PPG 1205-4, price varies;

  4. Tangerine SW 6640, price varies;

  5. Charisma SW 6605, price varies;

  6. Solvinden Pendant Lamp, $6;

  7. Abbyson Lacey Floral Cutout Ceramic Garden Stool, $130;

  8. Garden Floral Salad Plate Set, $39;

  9. Casbah Stacking Chair, $135;

  10. Pink mix: Hopeful 6597, Jonquil SW 6674, Coral Reef SW 6606, price varies;

  11. Orange mix: Dainty Apricot P220-4, Watermelon Slice P180-5, Cheerful Tangerine P210-5, price varies;

  12. Yellow mix: Hay Stack 317, Phoenix Sand 017, Dalia 319, price varies;

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