Color: Delft Blues

This vibrant shade of blue is a favorite around the globe, from the shores of New England to the palaces of India and beyond. Pair it with white for can't-go-wrong style rooted in history, like the blue-and-white Delft pottery from which it gets its name.


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Our Favorite Hues of Blue

Beautiful shades of blue you never knew your home was missing.

A. Blue Burst: Get it here!

B. Sanctuary Spa: Get it here!

C. Paddington Blue: Get it here!

D. Cobalt: Get it here!

E. Blue Plate: Get it here!

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Duncan Pendant

This vintage-inspired blue pendant will light up any room in your home.

Price: $99

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Wonki Ware Medium Snack Plate

Double this plate's purpose—use it to serve snacks and then display it as a centerpiece.

Price: $34.99

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Better Homes and Gardens Collection Indigo Border Medallion Runner

This deep indigo runner will become the center of your look.

Price: $10.97 – $25.97

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Chinese Bud Vases

These vases are a beautiful addition to your home, especially with your favorite flowers.

Price: $49

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Royal Blue and White Dolcer Ceramic Tile

Join the design trend, and try azulejo tiles in your home.

Price: $3.80 each

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Klinker Alacazar Helios Ceramic Tile

Use this tile on your floors or ceiling to decorate like the pros with this popular color and pattern scheme.

Price: $10.98 each

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Salermo Dolcer Ceramic Tile

Give an all-white kitchen a pop of color by installing these tiles in the backsplash.

Price: $3.80 each

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