13 of the Best Yankee Candle Scents to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Nothing can compare to the comforting aroma of burning scented candles during the holiday season. Scroll down to discover the best Yankee Candle scents to add to your collection this year.

What Are Best Yankee Candle Scents for Winter?

During the holiday season, we're always looking for ways to incorporate more festive spirit into our homes. From Christmas trees placed in each room and garland wrapped around every possible surface to a never-ending supply of holiday cookies, most of us would consider ourselves Christmas-obsessed.

If you really want your home to feel like the holidays, however, it should smell like the holidays, too. Candles are an obvious solution, but the difficult part is choosing the right scent—don't worry, you've come to the right place. Whether you're a fan of sweet aromas, woodsy musks, or spicy fragrances, we've found 13 of the best Yankee Candle scents to give your home a cheerful and festive touch this holiday season and beyond.

Our Favorite Yankee Candle Scents for the Holidays:

Christmas Cookie

Thanks to this scrumptious scent, your home can smell like a fresh plate of Santa's favorite Christmas cookies whenever you'd like. Featuring a delicious blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and creamy butter, this comforting holiday candle has the power to evoke nostalgia of holidays past. Warning: After walking into your home, guests may be looking for a tray of sugar cookies to satisfy their fragrance-induced cravings.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie, $13 (originally $17), Amazon


If you prefer artificial trees but long for the smell of freshly cut pine, this candle is here to help. One of many happy customer reviews says, "This candle smells JUST like the real Christmas trees we had in our living room when I was a kid." With refreshing notes of balsam pines, holly, and spice, this wintry candle is sure to bring the winter wonderland inside to your living room.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Mistletoe, $25, Bed Bath & Beyond

Red Apple Wreath

Carry fall's crisp apple fragrance into winter with this cozy candle. Full of warm hints of spice, fruit, and brown sugar, this festive candle will quickly become your go-to scent for toasty nights by the fireplace. After you burn it down to the wick, we suggest rinsing out the jar and turning it into a plant holder for herbs or succulents.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath, $25, Bed Bath & Beyond

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White Winter

There's a reason vanilla candles remain a timeless household favorite: The inviting scent is warm, heavenly, and relaxing. This candle adds a winter twist to the classic scent by adding sugarcane, caramel, marshmallow, and vanilla bean. For less than $25, grab one for yourself and wrap another for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Buy It: Yankee Candle White Winter, $11 (originally $15), Kohl's

Holiday Pomegranate

If you're hosting for the holidays, you'll want to have this inviting and warm scent on hand. Packed with refreshing holiday fruits like cherry, apple, and pomegranate, this pleasant candle is a perfect pick for an all-day occasion or a night spent by the fire. The exclusive jar style of this large two-wick candle will act as an elegant accent piece to any tabletop. Tip: You can also place a wreath around the candle for a quick and easy centerpiece.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Holiday Pomegranate, $25, Amazon

Icy Blue Spruce

This unique blend of juniper berries, spruce, and spearmint is the ultimate fragrance choice for setting the mood on a crisp winter's night. Featuring a calming blue color, this large candle can easily tie in some cool tones to your holiday decor. We suggest placing it by this elegant hurricane candle holder filled with champagne-hued ornaments for an eye-catching table display.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Icy Blue Spruce, $15 (originally $30), Kohl's

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Aromatic Orange & Evergreen

If you're looking for a refreshing candle to place in your bathroom, this unique scent is the perfect find. From citrus and cinnamon to evergreen and cedarwood, this unexpected medley will add a pleasant, earthy aroma to your space. For a sophisticated touch, we recommend placing it on this vanity tray along with other bathroom essentials for guests to use. Bonus: The wick is made for a long-lasting burn up to 150 hours, so you can keep your area smelling fresh long after the holidays are over.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Aromatic Orange & Evergreen, $28, Amazon

Festival of Lights

If you love the invigorating smell of potpourri, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite holiday candle. An iconic fusion of savory and sweet notes, this candle is a highly desirable pick to burn throughout dinner parties and gift exchanges alike. Displaying a rich shade of midnight purple, this candle will make a flattering statement on a fireplace mantel or dining table.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Festival of Lights, $24, Bed Bath & Beyond

Holiday Shimmer

A beautiful mixture of vanilla and sandalwood blend together to create this must-have seasonal candle. Whether you're wrapping presents or enjoying Christmas brunch, your family will adore the relaxing aroma that fills the room. Trust us, once you smell it for yourself, you'll probably want to grab a few more for stocking stuffers, gifts, and secret Santa baskets—but be sure to hurry while it's on sale!

Buy It: Yankee Candle Holiday Shimmer, $11 (originally $15), Kohl's

Frosted Fir

When it comes to Christmastime nothing feels more festive than the fresh scent of evergreen trees. Available in both 19.5- and 12.5-ounce sizes, we suggest getting a few of each of these candles to add to your coffee table or dining table for a cohesive look. If you're looking to incorporate these candles into a charming centerpiece display, we recommend carefully arranging them along this olive leaf and berry garland.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Frosted Fir, from $18, Walmart

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Velvet Woods

A snowed-in Saturday calls for a cozy scent—one that will help you settle in for an afternoon of holiday movies and baking. Filled with spices, velvet plum, and amber, this rustic scent can make any home feel like a peaceful cabin in the woods. Surprise your friends with the ultimate cozy gift bundle, including: this candle, a throw blanket, sea salt caramel hot cocoa mix, and a marshmallow brightening face mask.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Velvet Woods, $25, Kohl's

Sparkling Punch

Layers of fruity, fresh, and floral scents combine to create this lovely party punch-inspired fragrance. Featuring a soft shade of green, this candle will make the perfect accent piece next to red holiday decor. Tip: Place it on this brass and mirror tray on your bathroom vanity or dresser for a year-round sophisticated statement.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Sparkling Punch, $11 (originally $15), Kohl's

Holiday Bayberry

Featuring notes of bayberry, frankincense and myrrh, this wintry scent is sure to become an instant holiday favorite. Try adding this candle to a brass lantern holder and arranging it on your fireplace mantel or entryway table for a timeless look.

Buy It: Yankee Candle Holiday Bayberry, $25 (originally $28), Amazon

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