5 Faux Plants That Look So Real They Might Fool You

If you love the look of plants in home decor but don't have time to care for them, that's OK—we can't all have a magic green thumb. Instead, fill the room with these faux plants that look so real no one will know the difference.

Botanical wall art made with faux plants. photo

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Botanical Wall Art

If you love faux plants and wall decor, why not mix the two together? This botanical wall art has a simple, minimalist construction that will freshen up any space with its various strands of greenery. Hang it in your living room and be prepared for guests to ask where you got such a unique piece.

Price: $59

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Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree inside a small tan planter. photo

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Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

A real Fiddle Leaf Fig takes a lot of maintenance to keep it alive, including lots of sunlight, water, and a warm climate—not to mention they can cost a pretty penny. Save your sanity (and any money that might be wasted on a dying plant) by decorating your home with this faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree instead. Its leaves and trunk resemble the real deal so perfectly your guests won't be able to tell it's fake. Bonus: It comes pre-planted in a stylish woven planter.

Price: $180

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Faux succulents in a glass bowl on wooden pegs. photo

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Faux Desktop Succulent

Succulents are a desert plant, therefore they don't require a lot of attention. A plant that only needs to be watered once a week sounds easy enough, right? Don't be fooled because they can be easy to forget about! Thanks to this faux desktop succulent you can enjoy the pretty aesthetic without thinking twice about whether you've watered it or not. And this one comes in a glass pot filled with river rocks for a natural look.

Price: $29 (usually $33)

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Faux olive tree in a small black planter. photo

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Faux Olive Tree

Olive trees grow very slowly and can take years to get to the size you want. Skip the wait and place this faux olive tree in your entryway to greet guests as they walk in the door. Its so-real branches, leaves, and trunk are worth the price, and it comes in a simple black planter. If you'd like to switch the pot for something more extravagant you're able to repot it just like a real tree.

Price: $399

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Faux potted Saguaro cactus. photo

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Faux Cactus

Another desert plant that's grown in popularity recently is the cactus. Spiky yet beautiful, this faux Saguaro cactus is available in sizes medium and extra large, but we recommend getting both. Place the large cactus wrapped in burlap on your patio or in your sunroom and the smaller one in the dining room.

Price: $129–$299

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