Your Gallery Wall Starter Kit: Affordable Wall Art Prints We ♥

Gallery walls: A simple and chic way to display all of your favorite pieces in one space. As much as we love this trend, there is one catch -- it gets pricey! To combat costs, we've collected our fave prints for your on-a-budget masterpiece.

Multicolored giraffe print photo

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Wild Prints

Gallery walls should show off your personality, which is why we love DENY Designs for their quirky, fun, and out-of-the-box images. Case in point: This vibrant, watercolor giraffe print! Try placing this adorable giraffe in a gold or soft blue frame and it's sure to pop.

Price: $16

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Black, white, and gray print of the top half of a cats face. photo

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See Something You Like?

Cat lovers unite with this simple and endearing black and white print. If your family enjoys getting a good laugh out of friends and family, choose this print to adorn your walls. How cute would this friendly feline look hanging up in your entryway?

Price: $19

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Colorful map of the world photo

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Wonderful Wanderlust

How would any gallery wall be complete without an eye-catching world map print? Keep your wanderlust alive and well with this dreamy travel map hanging on your gallery wall. Opt for a sleek black frame or classic white, either way, this print is sure to get guests talking.

Price: $8+

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Pink watercolor print of the back of a woman's hair and bust photo

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Pretty In Pink

Bring color to your walls with this striking print. This thought-provoking piece of art is meant to stand out in your home, so try pairing with crisp black and white photos for a gorgeous gallery wall of your own. No need to frame this beauty, she's more than capable of standing alone.

Price: $22

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Framed white print with deep blue octopus on it photo

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Under the Sea

Every room needs a little bit of sea life, and this vintage-inspired print certainly fits the bill. Fit this dark and stormy, navy octopus in the creamy white frame of your choice and your gallery wall has found its focal point. We recommend pairing this eight-legged creature with vintage maps, or blueprints of ships to complete this nautical look.

Price: $49.99

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Black and white print of real flowers photo

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Stop & Smell the Flowers

Bring your favorite part of spring indoors with this pretty print. We love when flowers are in full bloom, and these beauties allow you to enjoy the floral views all year long. Complete your gallery wall by hanging more of your favorite black and white photographs and just a few colorful prints for a splash of style.

Price: $19+

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Geometric, diamond-shaped black and white print. photo

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Diamond In The Rough

Easily add an eclectic focal point to your walls with this modern pick. Slip this geometric print into a dainty gold frame and hang near more black and white photography for a contemporary-themed gallery wall. This print is easy on your pocketbooks at only $2.99 a pop, so print multiple at various sizes to really fill out your collection.

Price: $2.99

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Watercolor blue-green tropical leaf print photo

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Sweet Simplicity

Brighten up your home with this serene, botanical-inspired print. Its delicate features and tropical design will delight your guests and fit seamlessly with any neutral tones already in your home. Featuring breezy palms and muted, seaside shades, this print would be ideal for any home office space.

Price: $398

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