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Cricket Flour Cookbook: All Cricket, No BULL...

Welcome to the Cricket Flour Cookbook: “All Cricket, No BULL…” from! This Second Edition cookbook contains over 50+ delicious recipes featuring new ways to use cricket protein and cricket flour to create amazing dishes. With our recent successful Kickstarter release of the Cricket Brownie Mix, we wanted to release a new edition of our cookbook with even more recipes. Charles B. Wilson first started experimenting cooking with edible insects and cricook with even more recipes. Charles B. Wilson first started experimenting cooking with edible insects and cricket flour after being diagnosed with a list of allergies and foods that needed to be removed from his diet. However, after researching alternative ingredients and gluten free flours, he came across cricket powder as a great way to incorporate the protein and nutrition he was searching for. After a while of making his own recipes and sharing them with friends, he launched Cricket Flours as a way to provide other people with a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of protein. While we do partner with other businesses and museums/institutions, our main website and source of resources can be found at We have thousands of people from over 115+ countries visiting us for more information on eating edible insects, cricket flour nutrition, new recipes, videos, and more. While 80% of the world currently incorporates insects into their diets, this is still a new and emerging trend in the United States. When we are asked about where to buy cricket flour, or how to buy cricket flour, people are interested in the nutrition and protein benefits cricket flour can bring to their favorite recipes. Cricket flour is a great source of protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and contains all of the essential amino acids. Thank you once again for your support and trying our delicious recipes and we cannot wait to see what you make! Send us a photo of what you make and we would love to connect and hear from you through social media, over the phone, or through our website at Enjoy! Tags: cricket, cricket powder, buy cricket flour, cricket flour nutrition, edible insects, cricket flour recipe, cricket flour cookbook, cricket flour book, cooking with cricket flour, baking with cricket flour, how to make cricket flour, cricket flour, cricket protein, cricket protein powder, what is cricket flour, cricket protein bar read more

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