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OAKMOSS AMBER Scented Soy Candle in 15 oz Apothecary Jar by Cream Candle Co.

Pure soy wax filled into an awesome 15 oz apothecary jar. Long burning with over 120 hours of burn time, and non toxic! --------------------- The listing is for Oakmoss Amber, but we offer tons more scent options. Simply choose your scent choice when you add the item to cart :)........................................... Scent descriptions: --------------------------------------------------------------1. Bora Bora -Tropical and fruity -------------2. Citrus Bliss -De--------------------------------------------1. Bora Bora -Tropical and fruity -------------2. Citrus Bliss -Delicious and refreshing--------------------- 3. Amber Noir -Musky and sensual -----------------------4. Lavender - a classic for floral lovers ----------------5. Cashmere Rose -a floral classic -----------------6. Very Vanilla -Sweet and classic ------------------7. White Tea & Berries -Floral and fruity blend------------------------- 8. Citrus Basil - A delicious blend of earthy zestiness and citrus-------------------------- 9. Tobacco -a warm sweet muskiness ------------------10. Sandalwood -Perfect for woody scent lovers ----------------------------11. Chrome - A classic masculine scent reminiscent of cologne. Sexy! ------------------------12. Fresh Fig - Fruity but not too sweet. Has subtle citrus notes ----------------------------13. Green Tea Lemongrass - A bright and natural clean scent with subtle citrus tones------------------------ 14. Red Currant - Punchy and tart with green and floral notes----------------15. Teakwood Tobacco- the perfect blend of warm tobacco notes along with subtle woody notes----------------------16. Oakmoss Amber- a wonderful blend of masculine and feminine notes with a fusion of herbs and amber read more

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