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Ice Ball Mold Set Of 4 Round Large Ice Cube Sphere Molds Silicone Ice Ball Maker Whiskey Ice Cubes Maker Trays

ENTERTAIN YOUR GUESTS WITH CHUZY CHEFî ICE BALLSMake your sleepovers, birthday parties and dinners more exciting with a Chuzy Chefî silicone ice ball making mold. With this special edition tray you can prepare four frozen items at time. An exciting feature of our ice balls as that they take much longer to melt than the typical icecube does so they keep your drink colder longer. You can choose to freeze ice to add to beverages or juice. You can freeze fruits, choour drink colder longer. You can choose to freeze ice to add to beverages or juice. You can freeze fruits, chocolate and more! The possibilities are endless when you get your creative juices going. Whatever you choose to use, you will get your guests talking easily with our product. Chuzy Chefî ice ball makers are the ultimate ice breaker for any party!CHUZY CHEFî ICE BALL MAKER MOLDS MAKE PERFECT SNOW BALLS & ECO-FRIENDLY!Chuzy Chefî silicone ice ball molds are amazing and release your frozen surprise easily. The snowballs that the mold produces are cute, realistic and visually stunning. The silicone composition of the mold has a special composition that allows the baked goods to form effortlessly.Our Snow Ball Forming Molds are microwave and dishwasher safe too.Our products are also very safe to use and eco-friendly. They are BPA free, reusable, and built to last so you won’t harm the environment or your wallet! When you buy a Chuzy Chefî product you are buying something that can last a lifetime.Chuzy Chefî Ice Ball Maker Features:• Our Ice Balls Melt Slower Than Ice Cubes• 4 Pair Making Capabilities• Silicone Based Composition• Can Form the Perfect SnowBall• Microwave and Dishwasher Safe• Measures 4 x 4.5cmMake your parties more exciting with a Chuzy Chefî ice ball maker today. Your guests will love them! with make the experience very lively and unforgettable. read more

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