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Here's to new beginnings—it's time to get everything in order, purge what isn't used, and gain some extra space for what is used in the process. From the pantry to the powder room, see how the members of our BHG Live Better Influencer Network control the chaos in their own homes with easy clutter cures featuring some of their favorite Better Homes & Gardens products.

Organization essentials with Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart.
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Contain Your Collections

Lory Bernstein of Designthusiasm loves to entertain and has an extensive collection of dishware and linens. To increase her storage space, she converted a closet using an 8-Cube Organizer system, with additional H shelves to separate and provide support for the dishes and Fabric Storage Bins to corral votives, pillar and taper candles and candlesticks. Tablecloths and runners stay fresh on hangers, while napkins and napkin rings are ­­­­tucked into baskets on the top shelf.

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Power Up the Powder Room

Every inch is important when organizing smaller spaces. Jodie Kammerer and Julie Lancia of The Design Twins love the challenge of improving these areas efficiently and affordably. For a bathroom redo, they recommend making use of the walls: They installed a Farmhouse 2 Tier Bathroom Storage Wall Shelf with handy bars for Thick and Plush Towels, then added clear Bronze Metal Covered Jars to keep essentials like cotton pads and swabs tidy and within reach.

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Have Everything Ready for Getting Ready

With a pre-teen daughter in the house, Lindsay Hines from Whimsy Girl is no stranger to disorganization. She tackled the linen closet in her daughter's bathroom so all her girly essentials would be ready at a moment's notice. Lindsay cleverly borrowed from kitchen storage and repurposed a Bamboo Expandable Spice Rack to line up nail polishes and a Bamboo Lazy Susan turntable for perfume bottles. Other manicure items are placed in a Gold Organizer and hair and skincare items are stowed in Bronze Wire Stacking Baskets.

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Straighten Up the Sink Area

Sinks with countertops tend to accumulate all manner of bath items. To keep things tidy in her son's bathroom, Melonie Graves of The Mellionaire House fills Brushed Nickel Soap Dispensers with hand soap and lotion and places them in a Marble Rectangle Tray. Apothecary jars are filled with soaking salts and cotton balls.

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Opt for an Attractive Shelf Display

Open storage areas present a unique challenge: Things need to be organized conveniently, but also attractively. Shannon Fox from Fox Hollow Cottage pulls back the curtain on a previously hidden shelving area to create a goals-worthy arrangement of attractive storage solutions for pantry staples using Wood Kitchen Bins, Water Hyacinth Baskets, Flip Tite Food Storage Canisters, and Wire Stacking Baskets.

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Find a System That Works For You

KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms is a huge fan of Better Homes & Gardens Flip-Tite Canisters. She cleared out her entire pantry cabinet, then committed to organizing everything, creating zones for different food types. She used the canisters in a variety of sizes: the 4.5 Cup Size for hot chocolate, dried fruit and nuts; the 18.6 Cup Size for items that come bagged like cereal or dry pet food; and the 16 Cup Size for pasta, snacks, and baking supplies.

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Rethink and Improve Awkward Areas

A linen closet that's long, narrow and deep became a catch-all closet for Denise Cooper of Be My Guest with Denise. To make the space more functional, she positioned a pair of 5-cube storage organizers to serve as shelves, then added on accessories like Bronze Wire Stacking Baskets to hold washcloths and toilet rolls and large glass kitchen storage jars for bars of soap and bath salts.

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Define Your Drawers

In the kitchen, "junk drawers" and utensil drawers are notoriously messy repositories. But Nina Williams knows they don't have to be—she emptied out each problem drawer and then got things under control using Bamboo Adjustable Drawer Dividers and Bamboo Drawer Organizers. She grouped items by color and material and then placed them in their own sections.

Kitchen pantry with wire baskets and clear food containers. photo

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Make the Pantry Pretty

For Becky Cunningham of Becky's Farmhouse, functional and pretty storage is always her goal. She set out to create a pantry with a neutral palette of white, wood and metals that's "easy on the eyes" and gives the storage a cohesive look. Flip Tite Food Storage Canisters keep foods fresh, Large Bronze Wire Stacking Baskets help save space on shelves, and Galvanized Steel Round Tubs are sturdy and easy to wipe clean.

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