Easy Room Refreshes with Wallpaper

It's time to take another look at wallpaper! There are so many exciting, new options for wallpaper to give any room a fresh face lift. The wallpaper trends of today leave behind the country chickens and the sweetheart rose patterns of the past. Plus, now it's made of better-quality paper with "peel and stick" technology that makes putting up and taking down an easy DIY project. Let's check out some room refreshers with the help of the Better Homes & Gardens® Wallpaper Collection exclusively at Walmart!

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Big Room, Big Pattern

The old saying of "the bigger the room, the bigger the wallpaper pattern" is generally still true today. Larger rooms such as living rooms and main bedrooms can take on a bigger pattern such as the Soliel Fan wallpaper shown here. With large-scale patterns, they will be visually louder when there are more than three colors used in the design. The Soliel Fan, though a large fan design, feels a bit quieter with its color palette of just two shades of blue on white.

Powder room wallpaper from Walmart. photo

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Bold Surprise

The powder room is one room where there can be an unexpected design to surprise guests or greet the homeowner each morning. Even though this is usually the smallest room in the home, it's a space to have fun and go bold with color, design, and pattern. This Madina Lattice wallpaper is the perfect choice to give a happy surprise when someone opens the powder room door. In small rooms such as this, take the wallpaper around the room to all 4 walls—even the ceiling can be papered for an unexpected twist. Visitors will feel enveloped in style!

Blue accent wallpaper from Walmart. photo

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Focal Wall Design

Does your room lack a focal point? A great wallpaper can do just that. Wallpaper can create a wow factor around a sofa in a living room or as a backdrop to the headboard in a bedroom. When a room doesn't have an architectural element such as a fireplace, wallpaper can take over as the focal point. The focal point (or accent wall) is usually the main wall of a room or the first large wall you see as you enter the space. The designer trick is to arrange the furniture in the room toward this accent wall, so the room feels balanced. Let the wallpapered accent wall be the star of the room. The rich blue color of the Indigo Orono Herringbone wallpaper is a beautiful accent wallpaper as it contrasts with crisp white painted mouldings but doesn't overpower the furniture in the space.

Gray vintage wallpaper from Walmart. photo

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Quiet Pizzazz

The main bedroom should be a private retreat for the adults of the house. Today's bedroom trend is to create a space that is more calm, textural and spa-like. The perfect spot to start a day, end the day or hide from the kids anytime in between. The modern-vintage design of the Gray Ayana Persian wallpaper is perfect for a main bedroom (or any room of the home) that is needing a textural backdrop in a subtle tone-on-tone palette. The gray and white colors will blend with any neutral palette used throughout the rest of the room.

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