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New year, new goals! For many, January signals a time to begin again. The members of our BHG Live Better Influencer Network hit the ground running, with refresh projects and new ways to organize in their homes. Get inspired by their clever ideas, quick fixes, and full makeovers, featuring Better Homes & Gardens products from Walmart.

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Start the Year Clean

Lindsay Hines from Whimsy Girl set her sights on her laundry room first. She hopes to add cabinets or more shelves one day, but for now she set up the space with detergent holders in Large and Small sizes and a Caddy for cleaning supplies. She used Lined Metal Baskets to organize a shelf, and a Laundry Tote to keep clothes collected before laundering.

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Organize Your Ingredients

Jenna LeBlanc of Jenna Sue Design needed a food storage system for her countertop kitchen pantry, and she found it in the line of Flip Tite Canisters. They help maximize the small space and keep everything tidy. She also used Hyacinth Baskets for storage and a Bamboo Turntable for better use of space and easier access.

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Try a Closet Transformation

With a few smart additions, Sarah Wagner of Dreaming of Homemaking made a former closet space into a clever work space. She used a Theodore Dining Chair for seating and placed a Water Hyacinth Boat Basket underneath. A Wood Kitchen Bin was repurposed to store office supplies, while a Globe and a Geometric Sculpture added a decorative touch.

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Rethink a Utility Room

Carli Alves of Made by Carli gave an awkward area a full makeover to become a more functional space. She lined drawers with Peel and Stick Wallpaper, customized cabinets with Bin Pulls, and added Weave Cube Bins and Fabric Bins inside the cabinets for extra storage. She installed Water Hyacinth Baskets on the shelves and a Hook Wall Rack for keys, bags, and scarves. As a finishing touch, she hung a Gallery Frame with a favorite family photo.

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Clear Out Kids' Closets

For Chelsea McDonnough of Two Twenty One, sorting out her son's closet was a priority. A 6-Cube Organizer is just the right size for him to put away toys and shoes himself. Also kid height: a Wall-Mounted Hook Rack for backpacks and jackets.

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Improve a Space for Someone Else

With a goal of giving this year, Lauren Shaver of Bless'er House wanted to help a friend transform her master bedroom into a relaxing retreat. She made a cozy bed with a Faux Fur Comforter Set and Microfiber Embroidered Sheets, and added neutral Woven Tonal Throw Pillows and a coordinating Stripe Oblong Pillow. A pair of Alabaster Table Lamps flank the bed. She personalized the nightstand with a Floating Frame, and created a spa vibe with a Woven Rattan Diffuser and Essential Oils.

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Out with the Old, in with the New

Jenni Yolo of I Spy DIY and her husband renovate and manage rental homes, and the new year is always a good time to purge old items, restock and update the overall look. She selected stylish essentials like Zuri Dinnerware (other colors available), Rose Gold Flatware, and Culinary Stripe Kitchen Towels, but also provided special extras like an Acacia Cake Stand for guest celebrations.

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Re-Imagine Home Office Storage

A functional, fun office makes KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms happy when working from home. A new Pillow Lounge Chair offers a chic place to perch, while different storage solutions whip the closet space into shape. KariAnne used some Closet Organizers on the bar. Woven Baskets and Tank Baskets on a vintage industrial cart keep craft supplies and blogging equipment close at hand.

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De-Clutter Kids' Playspaces

When Melonie Graves of The Mellionaire House reflected on the challenges of the previous year, she decided to set some goals to help her kids become more organized. Seeking a creative, affordable solution for her son's toy storage area, she brought some order to the jumble with an 8-Cube Organizer and grown-up looking Gray Bins.

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