Your Bedding Checklist for a Good Night's Sleep

Staying indoors comes naturally this time of year, but winter hibernation can take a toll on our bedroom. Earlier bedtimes and lazy weekends make bedding work overtime in colder months. If your New Year's resolution is to get more sleep, replace threadbare blankets and shapeless pillows with the best bedroom essentials to max out those Z's. Add these five-star options to your list of master bedroom ideas for a well-dressed, dream-inducing bedscape.

Gray bedroom with upholstered accent chair, white comforter, and light purple pillows
Houzz gray bed skirt photo

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Chambray Bed Skirt

A bed skirt is more than meets the eye. They've historically been used to stop chilly drafts from traveling through the underside of the bed. Save the breezy look of a bare bed frame for summer and warm up to the idea of lining your bed with a stylish skirt, like this one. Unlike a tailored style, this gathered skirt creates casual ruffles around the bed and forms a puddle of fabric on the floor for a lived-in look that all bedrooms require.

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Gel-Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

When it comes to mattresses, size does matter. Since bigger is always better when sharing a bed, here's a king-size mattress topper to soften the blow of a restless partner. This two-inch memory foam topper not only absorbs movement, but its gel-infused design also regulates sleep temperature. In winter, we're tempted to crank the heat and bury beneath layers of blankets, but a hot room can interfere with the dip in our body temperature that occurs naturally as we sleep. Look for ventilated sleep products like this one for a full night's sleep.

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Herringbone Luxury Sheet Set, Gray

Minimalism is key when designing for relaxation, but that doesn't mean your bedroom has to be boring. Sheets are a strategic place to experiment with colors and patterns since they're tucked under the rest of your bedding. A peek-a-boo placement of this herringbone motif will keep it from looking too busy or intricate.

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Houzz cotton sheets in yellow photo

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Americana Bed Collection, Vanilla Custard

We often get all too consumed with the look of our bedroom, but the ticket to better slumber is in the feel of it all. Go back to the basics and prioritize comfort where it matters most. This set of sheets is 100 percent cotton, an unrivaled material in the bedding business due to its durability and breathability. Also, contrary to popular belief, a high thread count does not guarantee supreme softness. Too many fibers can actually make a sheet feel stiff. This 400-thread-count set is an ideal range at a moderate price.

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Houzz fleece throw blanket in blush pink photo

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Selke Fleece Blanket, Slipper Pink

Muted colors work best in the bedroom but beware of draining the room of all its energy. Set the mood with this romantic blush blanket. It will warm up cool gray or crisp white bedding without compromising a grown-up vibe.

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Houzz three-piece comforter set including sham and blanket photo

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3-Piece Mink Faux Fur Comforter and Sham Set

Tap into your sense of touch while shopping for bedding. Is there anything more luxurious than curling up in a cocoon of faux fur? This comforter by Lavish Home is a glamorous way to pull the look together. The set includes a plush comforter and two pillow shams. The faux mink fur will frost your bed with a textural blend of creamy white and a chocolate brown undertone that you'll practically melt into.

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Houzz linen duvet set photo

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Washed Linen Duvet Set

If you already have a duvet, you might prefer a new duvet cover to a comforter. Despite all of its poofy glory shown in the photo to the left, you'll love the breathability of this lightweight linen duvet. Fasten your favorite down insert inside with wooden buttons that add to the natural appeal of this bedding set.

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Houzz coverlet in queen size photo

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Area Inc. Ruben Coverlet, Queen

And for the last layer, we have a coverlet. Although coverlets were classically designed for decorative purposes, this queen-sized one by Area Inc. is as functional as it is beautiful. It's even lightweight enough to wrap up in for your Saturday morning journey from bed to sofa.

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Houzz memory foam pillow infused with lavender photo

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Lavender-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Scientists and aromatherapy-enthusiasts both agree on lavender's relaxing effect. Many folks swear by linen spray, but this pillow might be more effective than dousing your bed with water and essential oils. It's infused with real lavender for a lasting effect rather than scented with a sachet or spray. Like the mattress topper above, this memory foam pillow is also ventilated for improved air circulation.

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Houzz pillow shams in marble metallic pattern photo

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Deny Designs Iveta Abolina Winter Marble Pillow Shams

If all of the sleepy shades above are putting a damper on decorating, add some personality back in with pillows. After all, your bedroom is your personal retreat that should harbor self-expression. Protect and dress pillows up with fun shams and cases. Rightfully named "winter marble," these white shams are super glammed up with vibrant colors and shiny metallics.

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