One Writer Tried This Cooling Mattress for a Week—and Her Sleep Has Never Been Better

We asked one of our writers to try Serta's top-rated iComfort Cooling Mattress for a week to see how it affected her sleep. Read on for her honest review.

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Why You Should Try the Serta iComfort Mattress

If you've been feeling like Goldilocks, testing your way through potential mattresses only to find that none have been "just right," you're not alone. Finding a supportive, comfortable, and reasonably priced mattress can be trickier than it should be—which is why one of our writers, Sidney Burds, actually put the Serta iComfort Mattress to the test to ensure it lived up to the internet hype.

The iComfort mattress was made for hot sleepers and sticky summer nights. It has a cooling gel technology to help regulate your body temperature while you doze—and Sidney can attest to its effectiveness."This mattress is like sleeping on the cold side of your pillow, all the time," she says. "It reached 90 degrees this past week in our attic bedroom and I slept through the night with no issue and woke up refreshed and sweat free!"

She also notes that she's someone who prefers to sleep in long-sleeve shirts and pants year-round but would normally wake up hot in the middle of the night or have to change her sheets in the morning because she sweat right through them. Now she feels she can wear what she wants to bed, no matter the temperature, without overheating.

The 10-inch mattress features three plush layers—a Cold Touch™ cover, EverCool® Fuze gel memory foam layer, and an EverCool® fuze gel foam layer—that also passed the comfort test, according to Sidney. The mattress wasn't too hard or too soft; it was just right.

"You know how some mattresses kind of have an indent or evidence of where you were just lying down? This mattress does not," she says. "The support is immediate and noticeable. Instead of sinking in, it felt like the mattress was conforming to my body's curves."

While we only asked Sidney to test the mattress, it also received her boyfriend's stamp of approval. As someone who loves to cuddle, she mentioned that he can also get hot during the night but felt a noticeable difference in how breathable the iComfort Mattress was compared to their previous one.

"I would absolutely recommend it for anyone shopping for a high-quality mattress at a great price point," Sidney concludes. "The support is fantastic and the mattress-cooling foam is a game changer for hot sleepers like us. Plus, there's no harm in giving it a shot with Serta's 120 day in-home trial."

Shop the iComfort Cooling Mattress now and experience the difference for yourself.

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