3 Unexpected Things I Discovered From Sleeping on Purple's New Harmony Pillow for One Week

Before testing Purple's new Harmony Pillow—advertised as "the greatest pillow ever invented"—I was a serious skeptic. After sleeping on it for one week, here are my honest thoughts. (Bonus: Starting November 1st, when you buy two Harmony pillows and sheets, you can receive $100 off your order, automatically applied at check-out.)

Lesson #1: The Harmony Pillow Is Drastically Different From Any Other Pillow I've Ever Tried

When I first unboxed the Purple Harmony Pillow, I was confused to say the least. It was squishy and springy, but with a solid and supportive core, and there was a soft, purple, elastic polymer hexagonal grid visible just below its surface. In other words, it was totally unlike anything I've ever seen in a pillow.

My go-to pillow for the past 10 or so years (ugh, I know I was long overdue for an upgrade!) has been a soft-yet-firm memory foam pillow, free of any fancy bells or whistles. It's pretty much molded to my head at this point, and despite its age, I couldn't love it more. In fact, I've dragged it (in all of its five-pound glory) to middle school sleepovers, to my freshman college dorm, to my first adult apartment, and even across the country with me. Needless to say, finding a pillow to take its place wasn't going to be an easy task.

Enter the Purple Harmony Pillow. Despite my original skepticism (Will it be supportive enough? Does it have too much "squish"? Can I ever love a pillow that's not memory foam?), sleeping on this pillow for a week caused me to all but forget about my beloved old pillow. The interesting purple grid that I was initially so hesitant about—the Purple Grid Hex, as it is officially known—was actually supportive and well-cushioned, while still allowing ample airflow to keep the pillow cool and comfortable all night long. My head felt supported and my neck was comfortable, despite feeling like virtually nothing was below me—that's how weightless it was. In addition to the Purple Grid Hex, the pillow is lined with a Talalay Latex Core to help keep its soft shape without ever falling flat. Despite my initial worry that the pillow would feel too "springy," I actually loved it because it felt fresh every time I tossed and turned—it's actually one of my favorite parts of the Purple Harmony Pillow.

Lesson #2: The Harmony Pillow Is Great for All Types of Sleepers

As an editor, I've seen my fair share of pillows marketed towards certain "types of sleepers"—pillows that are ideal for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, or any other type of "sleeper". Interestingly enough, the Harmony Pillow made no such claims. Naturally I was curious if it would prove effective when sleeping on both my stomach or my side. To my surprise, it did just that and more.

Whether it was squished flat against the weight of my face while I slept on my stomach, or it was wedged between my neck and shoulder while I snoozed on my side, the Harmony Pillow remained comfortable and supportive. Even my boyfriend, who alternates between sleeping on his back and side, agreed that it was soft yet firm, with the moisture-wicking and breathability features he often looks for in a pillow. I won't lie, I've woken up multiple times to find he's completely stolen the Harmony Pillow in his sleep—that's how much he loves it.

Lesson #3: The Harmony Pillow Has Helped Me Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Deeper

Recently I started using an app to track my sleep schedule, taking note of how long it takes me to fall asleep, how many times I wake up in the night, how long I'm in a deep REM sleep for, etc. Prior to using the Harmony Pillow, it would take me at least 20 minutes to fall asleep every night, I would have trouble reaching a deep sleep, and I was only sleeping for a total of about five or six hours per night on average.

Since using the Purple Harmony Pillow, I've noticed I feel more relaxed and comfortable as soon as I lay my head down, so it takes me less time to fall asleep and once I'm asleep, I'm sleeping much more soundly than before. After the very first night of sleeping on the Harmony Pillow, the app reported that my sleep quality jumped from 60 percent from the night before to 87 percent, and I retained that higher sleep quality throughout the whole week of testing. I can't say for certain that this is all scientifically due to the Harmony Pillow, of course (I'm also making an effort to go to bed earlier) but I think it's safe to say it certainly helped.

After a little over a week of sleeping on the new Harmony pillow, I'm totally in love. Despite my initial hesitation, it's everything I was looking for in a pillow—soft, supportive, breathable, and adaptable. At the risk of feeling like a traitor to my trusty old memory foam pillow, the Harmony Pillow will be my new go-to, night after night.

Buy It: Purple Harmony Pillow, $159; purple.com

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