Dreamy Decor Ideas For a Rustic Chic Bedroom

Rustic chic is the ideal combination of farmhouse charm and whimsical delicacy, which is why it is a style that is here to stay. The sweet harmony that a rustic chic space provides makes for ideal bedroom decor so you can unwind each night alongside enchanting trimmings and cozy knits. That's why we've curated a look so serene you'll be cool, calm, and collected every time your head hits that lace-lined pillowcase. Scroll our picks below to get your space looking dreamy!

Bed with white bedding and gray bedframe photo

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Wingback Bed in Zuma Pumice

The essential backdrop to the bedroom scene, it is crucial to find a bed frame that can make a statement yet still complement your darling decor. This neutral Wingback bed frame can hold its own in everything from a rustic chic bedroom to a bold, eclectic space. The subtlety of the fabric-lined headboard offers endless opportunities for accessorizing, so feel free to take a risk with a lace-covered throw pillow or tassel-lined blanket.

Price: $981.38

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Dark wood end table with stainless steel accents photo

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Walnut Wood and Stainless Steel End Table

Every bed needs an end table, and the Wingback bed frame and table duo are a match made in rustic chic heaven. This walnut end table exudes a slightly modern feel with the stainless steel detailing, but the overall color and cut are simply made to house a fresh bouquet of dainty white flowers and a lamp to aide your late-night book binge.

Price: $189.99

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Neutral colored bedset with charcoal gray headboard and wood table at the end of the bed photo

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Ink+Ivy Pacific Cotton 3-Piece Coverlet Set

Rustic chic bedrooms are the perfect landscape for crisp white bedding, primarily because it makes for a stark contrast to your walnut elements. The neutral look of this 3-piece coverlet set leaves room for your own personal touch while also offering its very own lacy charm. Prepare to dream in style with this beautiful bedding.

Price: $342.11

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Cream-colored natural wool rug photo

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Safavieh Hand-Tufted Natural Wool Rug

Another cream-colored accent piece, this wool rug offers a clean look with a soft finish. Bedrooms lacking carpet tend to don gorgeous wood flooring but to gain extreme coziness we encourage you to invest in a quality rug. Whether you want your feet to feel warm first thing in the morning or your dog needs a comfy place to snuggle at night, this carpet is a rustic chic requirement.

Price: $3,080.00

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Gray colored bed linens photo

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Lucid Bamboo Sheets

Wander off to slumberland in complete comfort and style with the Lucid Rayon sheet set from Bamboo Sheets. A neutral color scheme pairing from heaven, these gray colored linens will give your rustic chic bedroom a silky smooth detail that won't go unnoticed. Make your farmhouse decor pop with the addition of these slate bedsheets.

Price: $164.99

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Light wood room bench photo

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Natural 48-inch Room Bench

Add some dimension to your charming space with a sleek wood bench. A gratifyingly sharp contrast to your neutral colored linens, this wood accent will give your bedroom the rustic chic twist for which it's been longing. Equally fashion-forward as it is functional, you can keep books, blankets, or tomorrow's outfit set atop it for easy grab-and-go access with a stylish twist.

Price: $199.99

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Brown table lamp with tire-shaped base and tall, thin cloth shade photo

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Geometric Brutalist Lamp

Sleek and chic, this geometric lamp has us drooling over its dream-worthy design. Your rustic bedroom that seems in need of a modern twinge is in luck with this Diamond Lighting lamp. Your ethereal spirit can rest easy while your contemporary mind snuggles to sleep.

Price: $158.00

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Two neutral textured pillow shams photo

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Ink+Ivy Quilted Cotton Taupe Pillow

Keep the neutral color scheme consistent with embroidered pillow shams that will gently nudge your bed into the realm of rustic chic. The textured front detailing complements the lace-lined coverlet in flawless fashion while the neutral color provides the relaxing calm you need.

Price: $71.05

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White teardrop-shaped ceramic vase photo

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White Ceramic Vase

We love the shapely build of this woven vase. It will give your rustic chic bedroom a fresh-looking feel when you add a touch of vibrant greenery. The textured lining and bold shape morph the farmhouse feel with an avant-garde look that is straight out of a magazine… literally!

Price: $44.99

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Oblong gray textured throw pillow photo

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Bolster Pillow

Talk about a trendy, must-have accessory! This bolster throw pillow is the eye-candy your soft bed needs to go from dull to dreamy. Taking texture and shape to the next level is something we can never turn down, and this pillow is a fun addition to a relaxing, rustic chic bedroom.

Price: $21.79

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Tall, thin light brown wicker basket with two handles on either side of the lid photo

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Tan Wicker Floor Basket

Fashion-forward meets function again with this wicker floor basket. It's ideal for holding all those cozy blankets a good night's sleep requires. The handles make for easy transport just in case the snooze fest travels to the living room, while the sleek look provides a convenient container that serves as a crucial rustic chic accessory.

Price: $65.49

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Three textured silver picture frames with art photo

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Intangible Framed Art Prints

Last but certainly not least, these three 'Intangible' prints by Erica Vess are no doubt made to complete your rustic chic bedroom. The cool colors mixed with the mod brush strokes make for an art piece our dreamy hearts can't resist. Grab one or align all three to create a truly rustic gallery wall that is the pure definition of chic.

Price: $156.99 each

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