These Genius Self-Watering Planters Will Give You a Green Thumb Without Even Trying, and They Start at $3

Place them on a patio or inside your home.

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Target Self Watering Planters Tout


Each year, my kids come home from school with a plant in a cup that they’re excited to see grow, but within days, I’ve either over-watered or dried it out. I’ve had greenery in my home gifted by friends and family and have been unsuccessful in keeping them all alive. I have a brown thumb, without question, but was excited when I finally spotted a solution to turn it green hiding at Target in its self-watering planter options. And even better? Prices start at just $3.

For those of us who don’t have an innate ability toward caring for plant life, self-watering planters are a simple solution for providing an appropriate amount of water with minimal effort. Target has a number of self-watering planters for both indoor and outdoor use, and they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Target’s Room Essentials brand has indoor/outdoor options starting at just $3 for the smallest sizes, so you can grab the style that best fits your home and space. The planters are conveniently designed with a reservoir at the bottom and drain hole, so the plant’s roots simply absorb the water once the tray is filled up. This self-regulation design gives plants the power to obtain water as needed, rather than novices (like myself) trying to figure out how much water to give and how often.

2pc Indoor/Outdoor Half-Circle Self-Watering Wall Planter


Buy It: Room Essentials Half-Circle Self-Water Wall Planter Pot, ($10, Target

These Room Essentials two-pack half circle wall planters are good for small houseplants, and include a nail hole to hang from a wall or outside fence. For another hanging option, consider this top hook design that can make a beautiful display in your backyard space. Another indoor/outdoor style includes this 16-inch or 24-inch rectangular window box that weighs under 1 pound and can be placed on a tabletop or windowsill. Shoppers used it for home-grown herbs, with one sharing that they “used it to plant basil, parsley, and thyme,” and that the “self-watering concept makes it really easy” even for “a total newbie.”

Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Self-Watering Window Box


Buy It: Room Essentials Rectangular Self-Watering Window Box, ($8, Target)

If you’re looking for a more standard round style, this Room Essentials one is available in three sizes—4, 8, and 12 inches. The 8-inch size comes in vibrant, summer-ready colors like tomato red and bright blue, which can brighten up your indoor or outdoor area. The planter is also available in a 6-inch square shape that can be placed directly on the ground. Of all the Room Essentials styles, most are available in white, black, and terracotta. 

Shoppers shared that the planters are sturdy despite also being lightweight, and are buying multiples in different sizes thanks to the affordable price and their ability to create a cohesive look. One shopper shared that the planters are “thick and strong” and that their plant “is so happy in it.”

Indoor/Outdoor Self-Watering Planter


Buy It: Room Essentials Self-Watering Planter, (from $3, Target

If you’re on the hunt for a more modern style, grab this indoor/outdoor planter with a built-in internal reservoir. The planter has a fool-proof design with a water level indicator that will let you know when it’s time to refill the reservoir. Essentially, it’s nearly impossible to forget or mess up your plant’s watering. The planter also has discreet wheels so you can easily move your plant around inside or outside until you find the perfect spot, or want to redecorate. And with its frost- and UV-resistant design, you can leave it outside all year long. One shopper said the planter makes a “fantastic statement in [their] courtyard garden,” and that they “now own four of these.”

Algreen Modena Square Self-Watering Indoor Outdoor Planter


Buy It: Algreen Square Self-Watering Planter With Water Level Guide, $76 (was $119), Target 

Give your outdoor and indoor spaces new life with these convenient, self-watering planters at Target that allow even the most novice gardeners like myself to successfully grow and nurture new greenery inside and outside your home. 

Hanging Self Watering Planter Pot


Buy It: Room Essentials Hanging Self-Watering Planter Pot, ($10, Target)

Square Outdoor Planter


Buy It: Room Essentials Square Outdoor Planter, ($3, Target)

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