20 Screened-In Porch Ideas for an Inviting Outdoor Escape

Create the screen porch of your dreams with these must-see design ideas.

a warm screened in porch with wood beams and fall leaves as decor


Take advantage of sunny days and cozy nights on a relaxing screened-in porch. It's the ideal combination of indoors and out: You can enjoy the view and ambiance of the outdoors while also enjoying protection from the elements. (No pesky mosquitos here!)

Whether reading a book while sipping coffee in the morning or hosting a wine night with friends after dinner, a screened-in porch is a relaxing space to relax and unwind. If your space is in need of a redesign—or you’re starting from scratch—use the following screened-in porch ideas to curate your new favorite space in your home.

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Stylish Screen Porch

an airy screened in porch with a blue floor and furniture and tall plants

David A. Land

A screen porch is the place where the outdoors and indoors meet, but it should still be treated like any other room in your home. Create a smooth transition from indoors to out by putting the focus on floral furniture prints, natural furniture elements, and fresh blooms or houseplants.

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Coastal Front Porch

a small screened in porch with a group of chairs facing each other across an entry way

David A. Land

Even if you’re not living directly on the water, you can still create the feel of a seaside escape with a screened-in porch decorated in coastal grandmother style. Shingle style walls, nautical decor pieces, and a patriotic palette come together to create a slice of the Hamptons in your own home.

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Privacy Screen Porch

a blue and wood toned screened in porch

David A. Land

If you’re looking for an escape from everyday life—or your neighbors—consider adding curtains to cover your porch screens. Leave them open during the day to let in the light and close them at night when you’d like some quiet privacy. Since the space isn't totally protected from the elements, opt for outdoor curtains.

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Screen Porch Fireplace

a white porch with a large wood fireplace

Brie Williams 

Enjoy a night cap even as temperatures dip with a cozy addition to your screened-in porch. If it's possible in your space, have a fireplace installed and arrange the furniture around it so you can stay warm year round. Be sure to talk to a professional before starting to ensure it's a safe addition.

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Cheery Color Scheme

a coral beachy porch with white walls and a white couch

Kim Cornelison

To create a bright and airy escape, choose a bright color theme for the porch. Here, coral chair pads, throw pillows, and outdoor rug make the space pop. Balance it out with rattan furniture and white walls so the color truly stands out.

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Modern Screened-In Porch

a warm screened in porch with wood beams and fall leaves as decor


Contemporary meets rustic in this stunning porch design. Exposed wooden beams and terracotta tiling pairs well with sleek furniture that looks like it could belong in a modern living room. A woven rug and tan throw pillows complete the look.

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Gray Porch Decor

a white and gray porch with black furniture

Jean Allsopp

Since the purpose of a screen porch is to be a place for relaxation, a subdued color palette can help achieve a cozy feel. Gray is known to be calming so drape your porch in a range of shades to add visual interest while also keeping it cool and inviting.

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Screened-In Sunroom

a bed in a dark brown screened in porch with a small white stove

Victoria Pearson

This sunroom bedroom is just like camping—but better. Turn your screen porch into a sleep away setup for guests and include copious amounts of pillows and blankets along with firewood for both warmth and a rustic touch.

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Tropical Decor

a light green themed porch with wicker elephant end tables

Kim Cornelison 

Turn your porch into a mini oasis for the whole family by infusing tropical decor. Blue and green paint provides the perfect backdrop for rattan furniture, flower patterned cushions, and an oversized palm plant.

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Vintage Porch Decor

a rustic screened in porch with an antique blue coffee table

Michael Partenio

If you’ve collected antiques over the years, your screened-in porch might be the best place to show them off. Here, secondhand furniture shines in a purposefully mismatched way. Just be sure to keep fragile pieces protected from any harsh weather or sunlight that reaches them.

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(Almost) Al Fresco Dining

a bright screened in porch with a dining table and large plant in the corner

John Bessler

Don’t let a little rain prevent you from hosting an al fresco dinner party. Use your screened-in porch as an extended dining room and include a table long enough to comfortably fit friends and family.

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Southern Charm

a country-style screened in porch with pendant lamps and black shutters

Richard Leo Johnson 

Live it up Low Country style with a screened-in porch that gives off the charisma of the south. The symmetry of the shutters, ceiling fans, and light pendants combined with a porch swing and pops of green will have you sitting and sipping sweet tea in no time.

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Traditional Screen Porch

a screened in porch against brick siding with white columns and black wicker furniture

Werner Straube

If your screened-in porch is attached to the side of a brick home, play up the traditional style elements. Complete the look with classic columns, a hurricane sconce, and casual yet complementary outdoor furniture.

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Sweet Relaxation

a warm beachy porch with a rope hammock

Brie Williams

Let your inner child come out to play in a creative and cheerful screened-in porch such as this one. The brightly colored couch and side chairs offer plenty of seating, but you could also relax in the hammock while listening to the birds sing nearby.

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Earth Tones

a screened in porch with lots of greenery outside and wicker furniture

David A. Land

Blend the hues of earth and the sky together by embracing a blue and tan color palette throughout your screened-in porch. An easy way to attain this is to opt for furniture in natural materials and infuse varying shades of blue in the pillows, area rug, and even the ceiling for an extra dose of serenity.

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Cozy Cabin Aesthetic

dark wicker furniture and a sandstone brick fireplace with warm wooden beams

Nancy Nolan

When you think of cabin decor, you likely picture a rustic and relaxing environment. Whether you actually live in a cabin or just love the woodsy feel, you can create a similar aesthetic in your screened-in porch. A distressed brick fireplace, stone flooring, and exposed beams will have you feeling as if you’re in a home away from home in the woods.

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Summer Style

bright orange wicker furniture with blue accents

Better Homes & Gardens

A screened-in porch is a place where you can get a little bold with your style, since it's a bit removed from the interior of your home. An all-white space creates a canvas to experiment with colors such as sunny orange hues mixed with brilliant blue, resulting in the happiest room of the house.

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Screen Porch with Vaulted Ceilings

a simple white porch with royal blue cushions on wicker furniture

Richard Leo Johnson

Not a fan of orange? Stick with a primarily white screen porch, including furniture, and infusing a bold cobalt blue via the cushions along with a yellow end table and pillows for a more subtle statement. The white walls and high ceilings here make this narrow space feel larger than it is.

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Modern Screen-In Porch Decor

a welcoming screened in porch with a large lamp and a steamer trunk coffee table

Reed Davis

While this screened-in porch is tastefully decorated, the statement light fixture steals the show. Just below the beamed ceiling, the grand rattan pendant light grounds and centers the gathering space below.

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Exposed Elements

a rust orange accented screened in porch with beach chairs and a large stone fireplace


Another statement you can make on the screened-in porch is using a lofty stone wall as the centerpiece. While you might expect to find a fireplace at the base of the structure, it's not necessary (especially if your space doesn't safely allow for one). Adirondack chairs along with comfy blankets and pillows circled around the stone wall allow you to sit back and relax after a long day.

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