20 Rustic Bedroom Ideas for a Cozy Country Retreat

Take inspiration from these rustic decor ideas to create a simple and relaxing escape.

black metal bed against white wall


Rustic design isn't limited to one decor style. It can pair well with classic country design, modern farmhouse, or even a Northwoods cabin. The style usually includes a combination of natural wood, exposed beams, wrought-iron furniture, and cabin-style decor, like antlers or pine wood. Whichever aspect of rustic style speaks to you the most, it can easily be incorporated into a bedroom.

Rustic style is usually cozy and comforting—exactly what you want from a bedroom design. If you already have natural wood in your bedroom, you can make the space even more rustic by adding in plush blankets and rugs. Or, make a modern bedroom room feel more rustic with simple design elements like a wood headboard. Whether you choose to completely transform your bedroom or simply give it a quick refresh, take inspiration from these rooms to create your own rustic bedroom.

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Rustic Textures

bed with wood headboard against white wall

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

An easy way to add rustic design to any bedroom is to add a few decor elements. In this room, a wood headboard immediately adds modern farmhouse style without making any major changes to the space. Using a wood chest as a nightstand and piling the bed with pillows and fluffy blankets completes the rustic look.

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Modern Rustic Bedroom

white bedroom with large wooden bed
Brie Williams

White wood paneling brightens up this bedroom, making the space feel large and bright. A wood frame on the bed blends rustic style with the modern farmhouse-inspired walls and flooring. An intricately patterned rug helps this bedroom design feel elegant and rustic at the same time.

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Vintage Accents

rustic bedroom nightstand

Jason Donnelly

Small details can help tie together mismatched decor pieces in a rustic bedroom. A galvanized steel pendant light takes the place of a lamp over the side table, and leaves space for additional decorations. A simple wood tray provides space for storing accessories at night, and an old-school alarm clock fits the rustic theme.

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Bedroom Accent Wall

bedroom with wood paneling and black, gray and white accents

John Bessler

This rustic bedroom combines bold accents like a wood paneled wall with a portion of wall painted black to create a modern farmhouse look. The dark wall matches window treatments and sconces, while the wood pairs well with the nightstand and bed frame. A fluffy area rug makes the space feel cozy and inviting while softening the space.

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Gray Rustic Bedroom

bedroom with gray wall

Emily S. Minton-Redfield

Instead of classic brown wood, an accent wall made from gray wood paneling creates a rustic feel in this bedroom. This style of wood pairs well with the gray headboard and frame, as well as the thick beige floor rug. Small orange accents in the flowers on the nightstand and the bed throw add a hint of color.

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Rustic Decor

rustic bedroom decor

John Bessler

Simple touches can add rustic style to an otherwise modern bedroom. Repurpose farmhouse decor pieces, like this white pitcher vase, and use a distressed wood shelf as a nightstand. Other elements like a canopy bed with wooden frame incorporate rustic style without completely redesigning the room.

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Exposed Beams

bedroom with wood ceiling beams


Utilize natural wooden beams with a wood ceiling to create a rustic look. To make the room look more modern with so much wood, keep other details simple, like with plain wood nightstands. A crisp white bedspread with a patterned throw adds just a hint of color and allows the beams to shine.

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Shiplap Style

black metal bed against white wall


Create a comfy area to fall asleep with an iron frame bed piled with striped pillows and sheets. The white shiplap wall provides a light, airy backdrop that makes the rest of the space feel brighter too. Using faux-denim covers on some of the bed pillows helps add a rustic feel and matches the aesthetic of the woven rug and distressed wood nightstand.

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Contrasting Ceiling

rustic bedroom with wood walls and white ceiling

Paul Dyer

Though dark wood panels cover most of the walls in this rustic bedroom design, narrow windows bring a lot of light into the space. White ceiling panels and exposed beams also brighten the room and make the room look larger. A distressed wood chest and nightstands match the rustic flooring, while bright pillows add a bit of color to the room.

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Rustic Bedroom with Wood Ceiling

gray bedroom with wood ceiling

Laura Moss 

The rustic exposed wood and beams give this otherwise modern bedroom an old-fashioned country feel. A large fireplace across from the bed also contributes to the cozy, rustic feel. Striped chairs in a small seating area help blend modern style into this rustic bedroom.

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Wood Accent Wall

neutral bedroom white bed wood angled wall panels
John Granen

Thin wood panels form a chevron accent wall that creates a rustic feel in this bright modern bedroom. The wall design matches the elegant feel of the rest of the space with the plush area rug and black nightstands. As the only natural element in the room, it draws the eye and creates a farmhouse-inspired focal point.

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Rustic Bedroom for Kids

two black twin beds in bedroom with gray walls

James Nathan Schroder

Bring rustic style to a kids’ room with twin iron frame beds. Paired with gray paneled walls, the black iron beds create a rustic but still modern style in the room. A shared wooden nightstand matches the aesthetic of the beds and incorporates natural elements into the design.

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Country Decor

rustic bedroom with wood wall

Reed Davis

This room utilizes country design with just a touch of Southwestern flair. A dark wood accent wall is reminiscent of natural barn wood, while the iron bed frame would be right at home in any country house. A wood chest at the foot of the bed provides storage space, while colorful faux antlers attached to the wall allow for hanging a cowboy hat or other accessories.

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Small Rustic Bedroom

white bedroom with wood ceiling

Paul Dyer

Vaulted ceilings with exposed wood instantly bring a barn loft to mind. The iron frame bed dominates the space in this small bedroom, while a ruffled bedskirt and quilted pillows keep the rustic feel. Buffalo check lampshades on the wall sconces help modernize this rustic farmhouse room.

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Painted Wood Walls

rustic bedroom with green walls and wood ceiling

Brie Williams

Painted wood can add freshness and life to a rustic bedroom design. In this room, wood panels are painted green, with the ceiling and exposed beams left natural to provide contrast. Other rustic elements, such as a dark wood bed frame, bright country painting, and a wooden chair help complete the farmhouse feeling.

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Cottage Style

bedroom with wood floors

Brian Mc Weeney

While a natural wood floor helps achieve a rustic look in this bedroom, wood isn’t the only element of rustic style. Long white curtains, a light gray dresser, and gray linen cabinet also make this bedroom look like a country bed and breakfast. Yellow throw pillows also help offset the light green walls.

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Farmhouse Rustic Bedroom

white bed against wood wall

Kimberly Gavin

Large wood panels create a rustic accent wall in this bedroom. Though the wall is a focal point, a hide rug and distressed dresser also help create a cozy farmhouse look. The finishing touch is an iron frame bed with a white skirt and a floral blanket that softens the space.

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Accent Ceiling

wood ceiling in bedroom


A modern bedroom becomes rustic with the addition of wood paneling across a section of ceiling. The lighter wood used for this ceiling contrasts with the darker wood used in the flooring and furniture, as not to overwhelm the space. A patterned area rug helps break up the flooring so that it complements the rest of the room and doesn’t conflict with the ceiling.

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Cabin-Style Bedroom

cabin style bedroom

Emily J. Followill

Knotty wood beams instantly make this bedroom look like something straight out of a log cabin. Pairing them with a white iron bed frame and gray carpeting helps keep the room bright, while a printed pouf helps tie together the grays and light colors in the room.

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White Rustic Bedroom

rustic bedroom with white walls and blue rug


Repurposed wooden doors serve as a creative headboard and textured accent wall in this rustic bedroom design. They match the lightly distressed bench at the foot of the bed, and provide a nice contrast to the elegant chandelier. Brightly colored blankets, throw pillows, and faux fall leaves make the entire bedroom feel more rustic and homey.

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