Leaving wet winter gear on the ground can be harmful to your floors and cause unsightly clutter. Here are some winter organization hacks to help your household stay dry and tidy all season long!


Have you ever taken a step too close to your entryway in the winter? Unwillingly, you step into a small puddle, draining from somewhere near the mountain of snow-covered coats and shoes. We all know that feeling -- there is nothing worse than a wet sock. That's why we came up with smarter ways to store your winter gear. These solutions won't end in a puddle and are easy enough for even the kids to maintain! Pay special attention to these if you love your wood floors. Water-damaged panels are a homeowner's nightmare.

1. From Kitchen to Mudroom

Anywhere Entry: Shoe Drop-Off

Cooling racks aren't just for your favorite batch of cookies. Set wet boots and shoes on this handy kitchen tool that allows the snow to drip right off. Just don't forget the waterproof tray with a sturdy rim to go under the metal racks!

2. Hats, and Gloves, and Scarves -- Oh My!

Back Door Entry: Bucket Brigade

Trade in your overflowing drawers and baskets of miscellaneous winter items for organized, labeled buckets. Everything will stay neatly in its place and the metal buckets make it easy to dump any standing water that melted to the bottom.

3. Pull-Out Trays

Front Door: Roll Out

Your tall winter boots won't fit in these, but your house slippers will! Footwear that you want to keep dry should stay as far from the floor as possible when near an entryway. Keeping them in pull-out trays make slippers easy as possible to slide on and off when you need them.

4. On The Line

hooks and clothes line

You wouldn't throw wet clothes from the washing machine in a pile to dry, so why should coats and snow pants be any different? Use large clothespins to hang-dry your snow-covered gear. Bonus hack: For extra-heavy coats, use chip clips, which have a stronger grip.

5. Power Washer

mudroom shower kids

Snow tracks won't stand a chance against this mighty mudroom feature. If you're looking for a complete mudroom makeover, consider installing this mini shoe shower. The powerful spray will wash any traces of dirty slush down the drain.

6. Vertical Storage

Child organizing clothes

How many times have you accidently left the house with mismatching gloves? Avoid family confusion by storing hats, gloves, and scarves in a hanging shoe rack. This repurposed item gives each family member their own, designated drop zone for their mittens to dry.

7. Snow Shield

Accumulate in the Mudroom

Too much water dripping off outdoor gear can do some serious damage to your walls. Protect them with a large corkboard surface that will whisk away any melting snow. In the summertime, it turns into a family command zone!

8. Strong and Sturdy


When buying hooks for your mudroom or entryway, keep your heaviest coats in mind. Spring jackets may be able to fit on small, decorative pegs, but during the few freezing months, you'll be thankful for strong, sturdy hooks.

9. Dressed-Up Clothing Rack


Pretty pea coats deserve better than to be tossed in a corner. Maintain their gorgeous shape by hanging them on an upcycled clothing rack. This will add more space to your tight coat closet for unsightly items, such as snow shovels, that need hiding.

10. Bulky Bungalow

shoe storage

There is no denying that winter gear isn't the prettiest outerwear. Bulky knits, oversized pockets, and slush-stained boots serve more function than fashion. Keep these items within reach, but out of sight, with a cloth cover over an entryway table. Guests will never guess your secret to a clutter-free home in the middle of January.


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