Entryway with bench and shelves
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I'm a Shopping Editor, and These Are the Small Entryway Decor Items I'm Eyeing from Amazon

The list starts at just $10.
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Anyone living in a small home knows the ins and outs of making a space look and feel bigger than it actually is. Good lighting, stylish decor, and furniture that doubles as storage are just a few tried-and-true tricks that can freshen up any room, including your front entryway. It's easy to neglect the foyer—if you're like me, you're usually rushing out the front door—but it's definitely a space that deserves some TLC.

Editor-Loved Front Entryway Decor for Small Spaces

While you might not spend tons of time in your entryway, it's the spot that welcomes you home and sets the tone for the rest of your space. It's also the first thing your friends and family see when they walk through your front door. Finding items that'll deliver both functionality and style is key. As a shopping editor, I've spent countless hours searching for home decor that will beautify a space while staying on a budget. And now that I'm a new homeowner myself, I'm paying even more attention to what's out there to maximize the space in my small apartment while making it feel like home. And Amazon is the spot I always go back to

In fact, Amazon has an entire section dedicated to entryway essentials that help you customize and declutter your entryway. There are so many items hidden in the hub worth checking out, including shelf baskets, wall hooks, and mail organizers. Because my tiny home barely even has space for a foyer, I'm essentially DIYing an area designated for taking off shoes, hanging my coat, and storing my keys—so yes, I'm eyeing all of these picks. 

Need a little help with your home's entrance? Browse through these editor-loved front entryway decor items to give your foyer a new lease on life, no matter how small it is. The best part? They start at just $10.

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Ambird Entryway Wall Shelf with Hooks


Just because you don't have a ton of real estate doesn't mean you can't have the foyer of your dreams. You just need to utilize your walls as an additional storage area, and this wood shelf with hooks is a great way to do so. The practical decor piece lets you show off fun accents on top while the sturdy two-pronged coat hooks are designed to hang your scarf, hand bag, and keys.

Bmosu Bamboo Wooden Coat Rack

FROM $25 (was $29), AMAZON

This bamboo coat rack has a unique tree design with plenty of branches (eight in total) to hold all your outerwear. The stylish rack is built with stability in mind—it has a thick base to ground it to the floor and can hold up to 120 pounds of weight, which comes in handy if you plan to hang heavy coats. It's even height-adjustable, too, so you can customize it to fit your space. Plus, I love its minimalistic design that's especially ideal for small entryways.

CherryNow Woven Storage Basket


This woven storage basket isn't just pretty—it also adds cozy texture to your space while providing a hidden compartment for blankets, a bookbag, or your (dry) umbrella. The cotton and jute rope basket has a band of fringe around the middle and a knotted handle for a unique appearance. It's available in a small, 7-inch deep option as well as a large, 16-inch deep one. But if you carry a million things on your commute like me, the larger pick is probably your best bet.

Eweenetu Hanging File Organizer

FROM $27 with coupon (was $28), AMAZON

While this file organizer could be used at your work-from-home desk, it definitely has potential to be a polished mail holder—especially in this rose gold color. The rack has four slots for magazines, envelopes, and postcards as well as a bottom section for more decorative pieces like a succulent or candle. And if you have a keychain hook, you can clip it onto the organizer, too.

DricRoda Umbrella Rack


Anyone who lives in a small apartment understands the struggle of air drying a wet umbrella. There's simply no room, and if you have wood floors, forget it. That's why I was excited to find this umbrella holder that comes with a removable drip tray, which allows all of the excess water to collect in one spot without messing up your entire entryway. The water-proof rack has four slots for umbrellas of different sizes and is compact enough to hide away post rainy season.

Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Metal Stacking Basket

$34 (was $46), AMAZON

Growing up, my family never wore outdoor shoes inside the house, and that rule has stuck with me ever since. But with so many shoes at the front door, the foyer can look a bit chaotic. That's why I'm eyeing this metal stacking basket to hide away sneakers and sandals. It has a wooden lid that provides even more storage space, and I also like that the wired basket has a large mouth opening on the side to easily access footwear in a moment's notice.

Gerzwy Stainless Steel Coat Hook Set


If you'd prefer a few hooks over an entire rack, these brushed gold ones are definitely worth a look. The set of two is a favorite among multiple editors for its elevated appearance that'll make any entryway look like a million bucks. The stainless steel hooks are designed to withstand rust and are sturdy enough to hold your sweater or tote bag right by your front door. The sleek hooks are available in gold, black, silver, and gray.

Decomomo Fabric Storage Baskets

FROM $25 (was $28), AMAZON

Store all of your on-the-go belongings under an entryway bench with these fabric storage baskets that look stylish and high-end for just $25. These fabric baskets have a knack for keeping things organized while also hiding items like house slippers or your purse away. The wonderful thing is that keeping your items out of sight gives your narrow foyer a clean and minimal appearance, making it look bigger than it is.

Warmtree Stainless Steel Storage Dish


For smaller items like rings, earbuds, and keys, opt for a dainty trinket tray like this one from Warmtree. It has an oval shape that sets it apart from the typical round storage dishes and gives you extra room for all of your little knick knacks. I'm also really into metal accents, so having gold hardware like this that delivers warmth while also tying in with the rest of my decor is a definite plus.

Bamfox 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack

FROM $25 with coupon (was $27), AMAZON

If storing footwear in a basket isn't for you, a shoe rack might be more to your liking. This bamboo one has a minimalistic appearance that I can get behind. It has three slatted shelves, a sturdy frame, and enough room between each row to hold shoes of various heights, including sandals, wedges, and boots. Each shelf can hold about three to four pairs, and the rack can hold up to 44 pounds.