Maintain an Efficient, Orderly Entryway

Don't let disorder take over your entryway. Keep it tidy and inviting with these effective design ideas and smart entryway storage solutions.

Get Hooked Up

Hooks are handy if you don't have a coat closet near the door or if your entry is tiny. They're perfect for organizing grab-and-go items such as leashes, hats, and bags. Just be sure to use hooks that look cohesive with other entryway decor.

Guess what this entryway organizer started as? A bookcase! This amazing solution fits in even the smallest of entryway spaces and provides phenomenal storage. Watch and learn how you can recreate the storage system at home.

The No-Entryway Solution

Even if you don't have an actual entryway, you can carve out storage space inside your front door with a simple bookcase. Here's how to modify a basic piece into something that works for your entryway storage needs. 

Design It Right

Even an entry that opens directly into a living space can be functional. Here, a simple bench provides seating and convenient storage underneath for shoes and seasonal accessories. A large canvas above the bench was framed and outfitted with a winding branch to function as a unique and stylish coat rack. A small table next to the door provides a drop zone for keys, mail, and other small items.

Easy Transition

You don't need a lot of space to create a simple mudroom. This small but efficient setup features hooks, baskets, and shelves that keep clutter organized and out of sight. A cushy bench serves as a perch for taking off shoes. You can re-create this simple mudroom in your own home. For the bench, buy a single stock-cabinetry unit; prime, paint, or stain the cabinetry; remove the doors for open storage; and attach legs to the base of the cabinet to make the bench a more convenient height. Do the same for an upper shelf; install the unit securely to the wall. Hang a row of coat hooks on the wall as well.

Small-Scale Storage

Use small-scale furniture to stretch space in a tiny entryway. A clever combination of wall cubbies, a small bookcase, and an ottoman creates an entryway that's comfortable, stylish, and efficient. The open shelving in the bookshelf offers plenty of storage for keys, shoes, and decorative bins while keeping the tiny space feeling light and airy.


This storage-packed mudroom closet gets the job done with a series of perfect-size compartments. With spaces planned specifically for shoes, coats, and store-all containers, everything has a place and the closet stays looking neat (no doors required!).

Try Shoe Cubbies

Storing shoes can be a challenge -- especially within a tight space like an entryway or mudroom. Here, a bench made of shoe-size cubbies makes organizing footwear a no-brainer. The cushion atop the bench offers a comfy spot to sit while putting on and taking off shoes.

Basket Case

If certain outdoor items are banned from entering your house, chances are they pile up quickly in the entryway or mudroom. Use storage baskets to add style while minimizing clutter. If necessary, attach labels or tags to the front of each basket to keep things fool-proof for little ones.

Use Overhead Space

Targeting wasted space is the key to maximizing storage in smaller spaces such as entryways. Easily increase storage capacity by incorporating handy overhead cabinets or cubbies. In this entryway, a bench makes grabbing out-of-reach items a cinch.

Better with Built-Ins

Keep a narrow entryway clean and clear of clutter with built-ins. Here, a collection of built-in drawers provides each family member with personal space to store shoes, outdoor accessories, and more. Using chalkboard paint on the drawer fronts allows everyone to decorate their space their own way.

Small but Mighty

Prevent a small entry from looking cramped and cluttered by banishing unnecessary items and creating distinct homes for the things that stay. This tiny entryway packs a punch with style and function, outfitted with a small desk, deep storage baskets, an overhead shelf, and desktop organizers that corral keys, mail, and electronics. The desk drawers also feature mesh drawer organizers to ensure their contents stay neat and tidy.

Do-It-All Drawers

If all you have room for in your entryway is a narrow console table, it's important that you make the most of it. Divided drawers can store daily essentials, such as car keys and electronics, and keep clutter out of sight. A shelf at the bottom of this table also corrals a collection of board games.

Tight Squeeze

Doorways in apartments and condos can be particularly tiny. Think small and incorporate a narrow console table like the one shown here. Fill the shelves with decorative storage baskets and bins to corral mail and outdoor accessories such as umbrellas and boots. No coat closet? Pull in a tall coat rack to keep jackets within easy reach of the front door.

Contain the Clutter

Keep clutter hidden with a coat closet near the entry. Here, a spacious closet next to the front door maximizes the entryway's available space and offers concealed storage for coats, bags, hats, and gloves. A nearby bench provides a convenient near-the-door perch to put on and take off shoes, and it also houses decorative storage baskets that hold seasonal footwear.

Instant Entry

Carve out an entryway in an open living room with a room divider. This simple partition defines an entry but can be easily moved if the homeowners need to open up the space for entertaining. A narrow console table provides a convenient drop zone for mail, keys, and other small items. A large built-in unit along the opposite wall (not shown) provides plenty of storage for coats, bags, hats, and shoes.

Make a Statement

Who says storage can't be stylish? With the doors removed, an unused coat closet makes a striking style statement in this chic entryway. An old sideboard, given new life with a fresh coat of gray paint and decorative doorknobs, offers concealed storage for a variety of seasonal items. A sunburst mirror above the unit commands attention and creates a dramatic focal point.

Impress Your Guests

This stylish, storage-savvy entry will make a memorable first impression. A convenient bench offers a place to kick off shoes or drop a bag, while a trio of hooks on the wall above lets family members hang up coats upon entering the house. Stone flooring provides an interesting contrast to wood-paneled walls, boasts ample traction, and conceals dirt left behind from shoes.

A Place for Everything

This multitasking kitchen entryway leaves room for everything. With cabinets, drawers, cubbyholes, and hooks, there's no excuse for disorganization. An open area on one side of the built-in unit is the perfect spot to tuck a pet bed and feeding bowls.

Personal Space

No space for a formal entryway? No problem. Surround the doorway with storage possibilities using hooks and cubbies. Designate one hook and one cubby for each member of the family using nametags, and watch as entryway clutter melts away. A rolling bin below offers shoe-storage space that can be easily moved around to accommodate your family's needs.

Mudroom Addition

If you're tired of turmoil in your inadequate entryway, consider a mudroom addition to accommodate your family's needs. Here, a built-in provides just enough space to serve a full house. Hooks hold purses, coats, and hats, while a bench below offers seating and access to cubbies near the ceiling.

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