Your Entryway Needs this DIY Calendar Work Station

Stay organized in the cutest way possible. This DIY calendar station takes only a few hours but will keep you organized all year long.
Image Courtesy Chelsey Andrews

In just a few short weeks the official start to fall will be here. That means school starting, less vacation, and less sunshine (at least in Oregon). I don't know about you, but I needed a small update to my calendar and work area. That's what inspired my calendar work station.

For this creation, I wanted to use all materials I already had at my home. Some leftover plywood from building our chicken coop, old jars, rubber bands, and some spray paint that was almost gone; all this went into creating this project. Technically this calendar work station cost me nothing, but if I really calculated the original cost for all the needed items: under $15. This is a very relaxed and easy to recreate DIY with hopefully very little stress. Here's how I made it. -Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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What You Need

Step 1: Cut and Trace

Image Courtesy Chelsey Andrews

Cut your wood to size. We had some leftover wood pieces that I started with, but you can always go to a hardware store and they'll cut a couple sizes for you. Then print out the Weekday Letters printout. Place the letters under the contact paper, then trace with a pen.

Leftover contact paper? More DIY projects you can make with it.

Step 2: Cut Out

Image Courtesy Chelsey Andrews

Cut out the letters with a sharp X-acto knife. From here you can decide if you'd like your calendar to start with Sunday or Monday. Just move the S's around to where you need them. I chose to go with Monday–Sunday, so both S's were at the end of the letters.

Step 3: Attach Paper

Image Courtesy Chelsey Andrews

Peel the paper off the sticky contact paper and apply it to the plywood. Press down the contact paper very well, to hopefully prevent bleeding when painting.

Step 4: Prep for Paint

Image Courtesy Chelsey Andrews

Tape off the rest of the plywood to prep for the spray paint. I used a paper bag and painters tape to create a couple of lines to spray gold on the board.

Simple tips for using spray paint.

Step 5: Paint

Image Courtesy Chelsey Andrews

Spray the letters and lines of the board. I chose black for the letters and gold for the lines. Let dry, then peel off tape/contact paper. Screw the shelf brackets onto the bottom of the shelf boards.

Editor's Tip: If desired, spray paint the shelf boards, shelf brackets, and jar bands. Let dry.

Step 6: Attach Jars

Image Courtesy Chelsey Andrews

Prep the jar lids for hanging under the shelf. Use E6000 to adhere the jar lids to the jar bands. Let dry. Evenly arrange the glued jar lids on the bottom of the shelf. Screw them into the shelf.

Step 7: Adorn and Hang

Image Courtesy Chelsey Andrews

Center and screw the prepped shelf onto the bottom section of your plywood board. Print out the calendar and notes (trim as needed). On the calendar, number the days of the month you are currently in. Space out the the four large rubber bands on the plywood board and place the calendar and notes. Secure with the mini document clips. Fill your jars and screw them under the shelf. Add some goodies to the shelf.


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