Bold Entryways That Bring the Drama

Create fabulous foyers and enchanting entries that tell visitors they've truly arrived. These 16 style-savvy entries use color, pattern, furnishings, and more to create welcoming reception areas that make memorable first impressions.

Open Invitation

Greet your guests with expressive exhibits -- such as this lively mix of vintage gear and vivid hues -- that host inviting artworks or displays that simply say, "Hello."

Life's a Beach

Create entryways that reference your home's location, reflect your design preferences, and showcase your favorite treasures. Graphic, horizontal stripes connect the earthen paver-brick floor to the crisp white beaded board ceilings, while setting a showstopping stage for the homeowners' colorful collection of beach-cottage gear.

Chromatic Scheme

Want to go bold in a big way? Paint your entry doors a fiery hue that demands attention. Impressive on their own, these carved doors make a colorful statement, inspiring the orange, aqua, pink, and red hues popping up as fabrics in the foyer and the adjacent seating area. The neutral walls, flooring, and furniture provide calming counterpoints that keep the clamorous tones in check.

Stepped-Up Style

Oftentimes, a staircase is a foyer's most appealing architectural feature; as such, it deserves thoughtful attention. Thanks to white-paneled wainscoting and gallery-like red walls, this stairway captivates while exhibiting inspirational artworks. Navy blue walls in the foyer complete the patriotic color combination and complement the gilded chair and chalkboard art.

Leave a Message

Since people regularly pass through a home's primary entry, the space works well as a base for family operations. Applying chalkboard paint to an upper wall creates a message center, easily seen and accessed by parents, kids, and even guests who want to leave thank you missives on their way out the door. Install a shallow shelf or length of molding to act as a chalk ledge. Flush out the foyer's purpose with a console table for temporarily holding incoming mail and a milk carton or a big basket for corralling shoes and boots.

Sunshine Day

Entryways are fine places for displaying vivacious wall coverings. Since foyers are not meant for lingering, they can be as bold and busy as you please. Display pumped-up patterns or massive motifs on a stand-alone wall to fashion a focal point that presents your home's decorating palette. This wall reiterates the good-cheer welcome presented by the sunny yellow door, while supplying an artistic anchor for a streamlined home office.

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How to Wallpaper

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Fine-Tuned Function

Make way for functions beyond receiving guests, and stay a while for arrangements of fanciful furnishings. In this fetching foyer, a painted steel cabinet provides mudroom-style storage in a chromatic form. A pentaptych comprised of plywood panels provides an over-scale depiction of a way-cool bicycle built for two. The area rug echoes the chevrons painted on the ceiling, while an unexpectedly elegant chandelier classes up the eclectic entry.

Ties that Bind

Create cohesive sight lines between your entryway and neighboring rooms by incorporating accessories that visually unite the space. These homeowners linked their foyer and living room via high-impact accents. In the entry, a pink drum shade dresses a modern acrylic lamp set next to a rusty-orange Chinese porcelain jar atop a classic chest. The colors repeat in the foyer's area rug and living room's upholstery and window treatment fabrics, creating a pulled-together, transitional style.

Classic Refresh

In American Colonial designs, the pineapple is a symbol of warmth and welcome; a fitting motif for today's entryways. The historic detail takes a refreshing turn when rendered in bright green on an accent pillow, mirroring the botanical images stenciled on the walls. A bamboo bench, fashionable textiles, and vintage pieces displayed on the wall combine to give the entry collected appeal.

Family Central

Look to store-bought furnishings to add purpose to your main entry. Sky blue walls provide a perky backdrop for fun and functional systems that keep a family and their gear organized. The bulletin board/mirror holds to-do notes, shopping lists, and signed permission slips in view and at hand. A wheeled clothing rack -- equipped with a compartmentalized hanging organizer, and a boot-holding box -- and oversize baskets atop amplifies this entry's utility. A canvas hamper keeps sporting goods tidily contained; a storage ottoman provides a hidey-hole while doubling as a seat for putting-on shoes.

Comfort Level

Add a sofa or bench to provide family and friends with a cushy spot to deal with seasonal footwear. This plush upholstered settee picks up on the rusty motifs splashed across the attention-grabbing wallpaper adorning the foyer and stairwell walls. A time-faded area rug, a woven sea grass stair runner, and a black iron light fixture introduce tantalizing textures, rounding out the foyer's finely furnished appeal.

Bright Idea

Painting your front (or main entry) door a dazzling color immediately boosts a home's appeal, both inside and outside. Choose a paint color that complements adjacent walls and suits your decorating palette. Use high-gloss or semi-gloss paint to create a durable, easy-clean finish that will stand-up to dirty hands, rain-soaked traffic, and snowy boots.

Refreshing View

Bring garden colors inside to create a transitional area lushly linking indoors and outdoors. Elegantly patterned wallpaper greens the upper walls, while staying in style with the wainscoting details. A streamlined console, wooden boot tray, and woven umbrella stand presents coming-and-going utility in fine-looking forms.

Patterned to Perfection

Captivate a visitor's attention and appreciation by furnishing your foyer with high-style furnishings that share a two-note color scheme. Here, a carpet that sports small black motifs running on the diagonal leads the eye to a strikingly striped runner stepping up the stairs. A pretty upholstered chair and bench contribute sculptural forms that further the black-and-off-white scheme.

Sweet Harmony

Employ custom-crafted accents and handmade furnishings to give your entry an original viewpoint. Energetically hued tile floors and patterned stairsteps contribute delightfully distinctive surfaces; white woodwork highlights robin's egg blue walls, which in turn showcase an artisan-built console table, handmade pottery pieces, and a uniquely textured mirror.

Tonal Qualities

Forget matchy-matchy when it comes to color. This entryway and adjacent space beautifully illustrate that color connections need not be exact when forging cohesive views. Warming tangerine walls -- the same intensity as the cooler blue on the living room walls -- showcase cobalt blue accessories that tie to the living room wall color in a much jazzier tone.

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