The hallway might sometimes get overlooked in the decorating process, but don't discount it as just a pass-through. Your hallway can be an opportunity to show your personality, a place to let your kids be creative, or a big statement in the middle of your home.

June 20, 2016

Stripes are a bold -- but still classic -- way to dress up your hallway. Go with high-contrast colors for a loud look, or try two shades of the same color for a softer approach. Horizontal stripes naturally lead you down the hall visually, like this hallway from Abode Love, while vertical stripes can make an often small space appear taller and more grand. And yes, you can layer frames over the stripes. Add some favorite family photos or artwork, using frames similar in color to keep the wall from looking too busy.

2. Incorporate Chalkboard Paint

Since hallways are often tucked out of plain view, they can be a fun spot to add some personal touches. Use your hallway as a revolving gallery of your kids' artwork or photos and let them get in on the decorating action by painting the lower half (or entire wall!) in chalkboard paint. Pro tip: If a blackboard feels too dark, chalkboard paint is available in a rainbow of colors.

How to Add Color with Paint

3. Add a Dark Wall

Make your hallway feel like a special spot by choosing a focal wall to paint in a bold, dark color. Going dark at the end of the hall adds depth to a small space. And, it's the perfect backdrop to hang an oversize piece of artwork or gallery wall, like this gallery from Little House of Four.

4. Decorate the Ceiling

The hallway walls aren't the only place you can add some pizzazz in this small area of your home. Draw the eye up (and make your ceilings look taller) by painting the ceiling in a fun color, pattern, or both. This ceiling project from Thou Swell was completed using adhesive stripes -- a smart shortcut and easy alternative to painting!

5. Stencil It with Spots

Scared of pattern in other rooms of your home? A small hallway can be a fun place to experiment. Skip wallpaper and opt for a nonpermanent stencil solution, like this hallway makeover on SG Style. An easy trick for making a busy pattern feel less overwhelming is to paint the lower half of the wall in a solid color.

6. Grab a Permanent Marker

Feeling creative? Grab a permanent marker, such as a Sharpie pen, and go for it. This whimsical forest design was drawn the length of the hallway by the artistic homeowner from Crafty Little Gnome.

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Those dots are just plain UGLY. Looks like a Dalmatian blew-up!!!!