Storage Solutions for Finished Basements

Storage Solutions for Finished Basements
The basement is one of the most versatile areas in the house. The secret to a great lower level is having all the amenities plus lots of storage.

Island Advantage

Make it easier to keep your family's home office organized with a multifunctional storage unit. This basement's built-in shelving defines wall space with a combination of cabinetry, file drawers, and open spaces. Take a tip from your kitchen and use an island as an extra workstation and space for additional storage.

Seated Solution

A low shelving unit offers a convenient storage solution as well as a place to sit down and put on shoes before heading outdoors. Large baskets are ideal for stashing outdoor gear near an exterior basement entry.

Unusual Spaces

If your basement's surface area is in short supply, enlist vertical storage solutions to keep clutter at bay. Wall-mount shelves turn this narrow passageway into a highly functional space; they can stash heavy items, such as stacks of books and heavy bins, while organizing smaller office and crafting supplies for a tidy workstation.

Clever Closet

Take advantage of every bit of basement space by assigning a metal storage unit to house accessories. Restore order by stacking seldom-used items, such as glassware and extra china, into zippered bins on shelves and clearly labeling them with decorative tags. Two trays placed beneath the unit provide the perfect spot for a row of work boots and shoes.

Handy Hideaway

If you have an outdoor entrance in your basement, keep coats, shoes and jackets organized with stylish built-in storage. This walk-by closet is spacious enough to manage all sorts of items, from bulky coats to blankets and hats. Make the most of your closet space by designating an area for hanging clothes as well as shelving space for bins or folded items.

Restful Retreat

A few substantial furnishings are staples in creating a cozy main-floor living room, and the same applies to basement living areas. A restricted color palate of rich blue hues, bright white, and sunny yellow commands attention in all the right areas. The coffee table is more than just a focal point; it doubles as storage with ample drawer space to stash magazines, coasters, and games.

Creative Catchall

Conquer a chaotic creative zone with designated storage space. These old dressers were repurposed to corral messy craft materials in a basement playroom. Remove dresser drawers and replace them with small canvas bins for optimal organization. Keep clutter-prone supplies, such as crayons, markers, and scissors, sorted with vases and pencil holders.

Mix & Match

Finishing a basement often means losing precious storage space. Remedy the situation by incorporating furniture that can corral items previously hidden away in boxes. Well-placed furnishings augment storage possibilities without occupying much space. A duo of wooden dressers provides valuable drawer space, while their ample surface areas are perfect for displaying artwork and collectibles.

Kitchen Connection

This carefully planned basement kitchen is storage central, playing off of its corner location for optimal functionality. Use cabinets that coordinate with your home's decor to create a handsome storage system. Incorporating an interior window will keep the kitchen from feeling like a cast-off space while allowing in light from the neighboring room.

It's Electric

Complete your basement retreat with a well-appointed entertainment center. When planning your storage system, take into consideration all of the things you'll want to store. Cabinetry is perfect for concealing game systems, DVDs, and CDs, while open shelves can display fun collectibles and family pictures. An L-shape couch is an effective way to divide the television and bar areas so guests can relax and watch a movie or enjoy drinks and mingle farther back.

Wonder Wall

Basements often have large expanses of walls, which are perfect for wall units. This color-splashed storage unit instantly jazzes up the room. Open shelving keeps bright magazine holders and photo boxes visible, letting you see items at a glance. Grouping them by date or category makes organizing a cinch. Color-coordinated curtains bring a new level of interest to the piece while concealing contents that cannot fit below.

Can-Do Cabinetry

With a few easy modifications, a boring basement becomes a custom storage unit. You can find surplus kitchen cabinets at building salvage stores at an affordable price. Updated with a custom shelving and cabinet combination, this area had a retro transformation. Old beverage signs and colorful, candy-filled jars give this sundae stand a fun, eye-catching effect.

In the Zone

Whether you work from home or need an outlet for creativity, your office should inspire you. Bursting with bright colors and artful decor -- adhesive wall flowers, a checkered window treatment, and striped chair slips -- this citrus blend will keep you energized and productive. Overhead cabinets and drawers beneath the desks provide plenty of storage space, and a corkboard panel is perfect for organizing small items within reach.

Double Duty

For a basement bathroom that doubles as a laundry room, this space-saving approach is essential. Bifold doors were employed in lieu of traditional cabinetry to give full access to the washer and dryer, and they neatly conceal the station when it's not in use.

Space-Saving Surface

Put unused wall space to work in your basement with a space-saving table top. This wall-mount desk near the window becomes a clever homework setting, outfitted with modern seating and a decorative globe that doubles as reference material. The work area is also large enough to stack storage bins on top when it is not in use.

Sense of Scale

Ceiling-height bookshelves in your basement can house more than literary works; using shelves is a simple way to keep frequently used items within reach. Use a small tool cart to counterbalance the bookshelf's height and to store extra belongings.

Stair-Step Bookshelf

Be creative when selecting storage areas. Rather than turning automatically to built-in cabinets, consider using the space along the stairs, beside a knee wall, or between wall studs. Staggered bookshelves mimic the height of this staircase, creating a home library without an obtrusive appearance.

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