Basement Storage Ideas

neutral built-in shelving with decor
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Cohesive Look

living room with built-in entertainment area

Make your basement storage coordinate with your decor by sticking to a color scheme. Here, neutral walls let green and orange pillows pop. The vibrant shades continue on boxes, trays, and baskets throughout the room. Built-in basement storage units, such as this media hub, are both practical and beautiful. Closed base cabinetry hides pesky electronic cords, while open shelving displays personal items.

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Beautiful Basement Shelving

basement crafts room with storage
Marty Baldwin

Basement storage often amounts to boxes piled up in a disorderly fashion. However, there are smarter ways to store items in your basement. This finished basement boasts crisp white shelving that stands out against the light gray walls and beige carpet. The open design makes it easy for kids to grab toys and books from lower shelves and for parents to keep sewing and crafting supplies out of reach on the uppers. The colorful basement storage containers hide clutter while keeping the space organized.

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Storage Under the Stairs

adams kitchen, stair storage, black cabinets, modern, home

Built-in storage under basement stairs is a practical and visually appealing way to hide items inside cabinets. Here, the dark cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the warm wood floors and stairs. Slanting downward with the stairs, the basement cabinetry is both unique and contemporary. The lack of hardware allows the cabinets to recede into the background when doors are closed.

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Coat, Bag, and Shoe Organization

entryway storage near stairway

Organizing coats, shoes, and backpacks is a snap with this simple basement storage solution. Cubbies beneath a built-in bench keep shoes in order, while coats and bags hang neatly on hooks above. Simple baskets make it easy to pull out needed items while hiding any clutter. Create a similar look by installing a storage unit that blends with the color of your walls. Be sure to consider how many bags, coats, and shoes will be stored when determining what size would be best for your family.

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Storage for a Basement Play Area

Family room custom storage

One of the great things about storage space in finished basements is that it adds both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Here, white basement storage cabinets are perfect for the colorful decor. Plenty of drawers and cabinets hide clutter and store craft supplies for the basement play areas. Open counters are ideal for workspace or storing extra items. Basement storage bins corral toys, office supplies, and media items.

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Storage in the Laundry Room

laundry room, washer, white cabinets

Carve out every inch of basement storage by utilizing the cabinets in your laundry room. Built-in cabinets give a basement wall storage to organize both laundry supplies and items you might not have room for elsewhere. Here, glass containers hold laundry detergent and clothing care items atop a tray. Plenty of cabinetry above and below keep hampers, hangers, and more supplies neatly tucked away until laundry day.

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Organize Basement Clutter

decorated shelves with blue backing

Create a unique look for your storage shelving with this DIY basement storage idea. Colorful paint on the back of a bookcase gives a vibrant backdrop to your favorite keepsakes. Line shelves with books, DVDs, and collectibles to keep them from cluttering surfaces like coffee tables and desks.

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Built-In Basement Shelving

grey and orange living room with large TV mounted on wall

Built-in shelving in the basement can make storage blend into the wall. This floor-to-ceiling storage unit matches the color scheme of the family room. Its pretty patterned backdrop adds interest to a mostly neutral room, and orange and blue display items pick up on accessories found throughout. Plenty of closed cabinetry below hides clutter, while open shelving displays personal items and books.

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Creative Closet

Basement Makeover

Built-in basement storage saves on floor space because you don't need to incorporate a freestanding furniture piece to get organized. Here, floor-to-ceiling storage closets hide clutter and also function as a finished wall. They take the place of rolling basement storage racks and give a much cleaner finish. The bright white proves a beautiful contrast against a glossy wood ceiling and adds both a practical and stylish element to the room.

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Colorful Kid-Friendly Storage

built-in storage and wall with map

Because basements are often used for entertaining, bright colors can add a fun twist perfect for children. Here, a vivid map accent wall creates a fun look in a basement playroom. Clean white storage shelves create a beautiful contrast from the adjacent mostly blue wall. The open shelves are ideal for organizing books and housing games. For easy access for children, incorporate open cubbies in the base cabinets for toys and stuffed animals.

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Double-Duty Entertainment Center and Storage Space

walk-out basement with built-in storage

Because the basement is often an entertainment hub, plenty of storage is needed for games, videos, or infrequently used household items. This basement storage unit acts as both an entertainment center and storage space. Open shelving on the sides proves perfect for books and games, while cabinet doors hide the stereo, DVD player, and other technology.

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Practical Double-Sided Storage

home office

Add a beautiful and practical element to your basement storage with side-by-side open and hidden storage. This double desk area boasts open shelving and closed upper cabinetry in different finishes for stylish contrast. The dark wood shelving and countertop mirror the tone of the wood floors.

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Utilize Every Inch of Space

under-the-stairs storage idea
Adam Albright

To efficiently use every inch of space in your home, add storage under the basement stairs. Here, bookshelves are finished in the same color as the walls for a cohesive look. The triangular space under the stairs proves to be an ideal toy storage space and play area too.

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Storage for Books

living room with large decorated bookshelf

For people with way too many books, walls filled with open shelving are an ideal basement storage solution. If you don't have built-ins, you can attach several bookcases to create a library wall. This homeowner organized the books by color for functional storage that also makes a style statement.

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Stairs as Storage

built-in staircase storage

When considering storage in your basement, get creative with your design. This unique storage under the basement stairs doubles as interesting wall paneling. The drawers are perfect for extra blankets or spare linens. The bright white color blends with the stairs, while the recessed drawer fronts add textural interest.

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Sunny Laundry Room Storage

laundry room
Hirko Residence

Floor-to-ceiling basement storage can go a long way toward getting your home's clutter under control. The closed cabinetry in this basement laundry room holds cleaning supplies, while a small cutout window on the left lets in sunlight. The countertop can be used to display personal items or as a work space.

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Basement Storage with Style

closet-sitting area hybrid

Organize basement storage with fun colors. Here, white and red bins stand out against a closet painted light pink to add contrast to the design. Hanging rods and open shelving keep the open closet storage tidy and functional. A work surface in a natural wood finish provides an area for crafting, while a stool tucks away underneath for a streamlined storage space.

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Hide Clutter Behind Cabinetry

neutral built-in shelving with decor

This basement storage idea features simple wall-to-wall cabinetry with both open and closed options. Cubbies above the media center provide a display area for favorite knickknacks and keepsakes. Closed cabinetry below makes it easy to tuck away unsightly gadgets, remotes, and cords. A middle section with frosted glass allows light to peek through, preventing the basement storage unit from looking too bulky.

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