Basement Solutions for Real Life

Photos and ideas for real-life basement remodeling solutions.

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    Streamline Media Storage

    Create a smooth look out of multiple components with a customized media storage system. With cords and cases hidden, black boxes minimized, and room for display, this wall becomes a stylish focal point in a finished basement.

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    Use Storage in the Stairway

    Maximize basement storage by utilizing a sliver of space by the stairs. This wall of open shelves offers just enough depth to store books and small mementos.

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    Separate Spaces for Privacy

    Privacy curtains on a ceiling-mounted track can give a single room dual function. This curtain separates office space from TV viewing.

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    Build Understair Storage

    Make storage shelves fit the space you have. The spot under the stairs is perfect for shelving to hold totes filled with out-of-season gear.

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    Brighten Up the Space

    Sconces and recessed lighting boost the brightness of this active basement, which benefits from high ceilings and a pair of daylight windows.

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    Double the Function

    No room to work out? No sweat! Curtain off a laundry zone along one wall, then make way for the treadmill, weights, and other equipment. A ceiling fan and TV make it feel like a posh home gym.

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    Create a Smart Laundry Area

    Banish a creepy basement laundry room with a suspended ceiling and bright lighting—from the window and overhead fixtures. Ample cabinets, a double sink, and built-in shelves sized to hold laundry baskets make wash day a dream.

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    Add Home Office Space

    When you have work to do, a well-outfitted basement home office could be your refuge. Expansive storage, abundant lighting, and a double desk make this space feel like the corner office.

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    Add a Kitchen Area

    Why haul dishes and snacks up and down the stairs? Instead, create a mini kitchen in your basement. This one aligns a microwave, sink, and dishwasher on one wall, making entertaining a breeze.

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    Create a Corner Workshop

    A workbench with wall-mounted storage, a comfy foot pad, and a sawdust removal system makes a corner workshop a reality.

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    Create a Kids' Room

    Separate a homework zone from the play zone with a dividing wall that holds the TV. Chalkboard-paint walls keep the creativity high; ample lighting keeps the basement space bright.

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    Add a Crafts Room

    With white walls and green cabinets, a basement crafts room can have a sunny outlook. Smart storage includes shallow drawers for wrappings, dowels for ribbon spools, and cubbies for tools and supplies.

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