Basement Ideas

Bar Storage

In small basement bars, molding ledges, a built-in wine rack, and storage cabinets can protect and organize barware and tools. For a small space, this storage system leaves countertops free for workspace and entertainment. Recessed lighting is a good choice for basements, which tend to have low ceilings.

Open Staircase

These basement stairs help keep the two rooms from feeling cramped. In tighter areas, a staircase with a switchback would work just as well.

Stone Fireplace

Wood and stone combine to create a distinct architectural look for a space that previously had none. The stone is actually a veneer, providing plenty of character but at less cost and weight than solid stone. The stone fireplace is a great way to complete the illusion. Cove lighting is a good way to add mood lighting when you have low ceilings.

Basement Lighting

Most basements have limited natural light so it's important to make the most of what you have. Here, three-quarter walls allow natural light from an adjoining space to reach the TV room. The line is brought around the corner to the fireplace wall to create basement shelving.

Wooden Staircase

Here is a clever way to add function to what is often unused space in a small basement. Built-ins provide basement storage and a handrail for the wooden staircase and continue on to be a wet bar. The open stairwell adds additional visual space in the room.

Gas Fireplaces

Basement beams and pillars help divide this large basement by function and keep the room from feeling cavernous. Note how the chimney picks up the shape of the columns. Gas fireplaces are a great choice for basements as they are easy to vent.

Seamless Transition

A bar, icemaker, wine refrigerator, and entertainment center are built into the same wall for easy access and easy plumbing. The built-in cabinetry and cabinet-depth appliances create a seamless transition between the two spaces.

Entertainment Center

A built-in entertainment center provides space for games, computers, the TV, and other equipment, keeping otherwise cluttering items confined to one space. It also saves the homeowners to bundle all the electronic wiring in one place.

Home Theater

For long and narrow spaces, terraced seating is perfect for home movie viewing and helps create a real home theater experience. Sometimes a negative can be a plus. Because this basement has no windows, it's perfect for a home theater. Plus, starting with raw space meant the electronics and wiring could be hidden. Sound control is also easier in a basement.

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