11 Creative Attic Closet Ideas

Utilize your attic as storage with these helpful closet design ideas.

Your attic is one of those areas that—though useful for storage—often becomes a catchall for whatever doesn't fit on shelves, in drawers, or within the main rooms of your home. While attics can be meticulously organized (think: labeled boxes and stackable bins), they can also become cluttered quickly. To maximize your space, utilize your attic closet.

Whether you have a large attic with tall ceilings, a slanted attic that's hard to style, or a tiny attic with limited floor space, these creative attic closet ideas will help you transform your space into hardworking storage.

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Build Attic Shelving

If you have a slanted attic, it can be difficult to make the layout work for your belongings. Build shelving between two walls to create a functional attic closet that isn't too cramped. Then paint them a neutral color so that they fade into the background. Create a small vanity or dresser section in the middle if you have space, and add a place to sit to make the room cozier.

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Create a Corner Closet

Take advantage of the slanted space formed by your home's roof to create a corner attic closet. Work with the angles of the ceiling to install floating shelves for large items like suitcases and add a freestanding wardrobe rack or a mounted bar for clothes.

Eliminate dead space toward the bottom of an attic closet by adding narrow shelves for shoes or a multi-level shoe rack. Just be sure to leave yourself a pathway. Keep the closet open for easy access or consider adding a sliding barn door or pocket door.

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Utilize Freestanding Storage

If you have a large attic, consider converting it into a walk-in closet or guest room. This creates storage for clothes, shoes, and accessories, as well as a changing area and place for guests. Add a twin bed, sofa, or futon to one of the walls for a lounge area. For the closet, consider a freestanding wardrobe rack so that you can store and display garments in a way that's easy to try on. And don't forget a large floor-to-ceiling mirror!

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Add Modular Shelving

One of the best space-savers for slanted attic closets is custom modular shelving. This type of shelving allows for flexibility to account for even the trickiest corners and nooks. Look for store-bought units that let you adjust the shelving heights to your needs. Or for a more permanent solution, build custom shelves to fit your attic closet.

Add a hanging rack to one corner for clothes and a basket underneath for laundry, towels, or blankets. Or if you have a large attic closet, nix the basket and use this spot for a dresser. Opt for fabric bins to store items you rarely use and create a more uniform look.

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Use Labels and Storage Bins

When it comes to making the most of tiny spaces, stackable bins are a no-brainer. Regardless of the size of your closet, bins are ideal for organizing small items, and clear versions help you spot the contents without too much effort. Or opt for any color or design, so long as they're clearly labeled.

For items that you grab frequently, utilize open bins or baskets. This allows you to easily pull from the front or top as needed.

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Convert Your Attic into a Walk-In Closet

If you have the space, convert your attic into a luxurious walk-in closet, complete with a dresser, pendant light, and built-in shelving. Curate your closet with custom shelving for all of your items, drawers and trays for accessories, and a large mirror. Install additional overhead lighting or hang colorful artwork to complete your walk-in attic closet.

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Save Space with Custom Storage

Save on floor space with wall-mounted racks and shelves. Install wire shelving or floating shelves on an attic wall for storage that doubles as display space. Add fabric storage bins for small accessories and clear shoe display cases to show off your shoes while allowing you to stack items. This open storage works best in finished attics.

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Add a Barn Door to Your Attic Closet

Whether you're creating a walk-in attic closet or simply want to hide your storage, consider installing barn doors. A barn door helps conceal the contents of the closet while adding a luxurious custom look. Paint the door the same color as shelving or walls for a monochromatic look or finish it with a statement color for contrast.

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Enhance a Small Attic Closet with Wallpaper

Many small attic closets are limited by their layout. However, you can easily enhance the space with wallpaper. Add peel-and-stick wallpaper before installing shelving or cut and hang wallpaper around built-in shelves. Or simply paint the walls to give your small attic closet some personality. Then add bins and baskets that match (or contrast) your theme to bring your tiny space together.

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Incorporate a Shoe Rack

If you need a storage option for shoes, consider adding a tiered shoe rack to your attic closet rather than tossing footwear into a basket. This is a great way to take advantage of the usable space at the bottom of your closet without getting in the way of hanging clothes or other items. Organize shoes by season and put the most frequently worn pairs on top for easier access. For seasonal apparel, utilize lidded plastic bins to keep out dust and pests.

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Convert Your Attic into a Guest Bedroom

If you have a large attic, consider remodeling it into a loft that fulfills your storage and guest room needs all in one. Two attic closets built under the eaves flank the bed in this converted space. Utilize the area under the bed for bonus storage, then finish the space with seating and plenty of comfy blankets and pillows.

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