Decorating a nursery starts with choosing a wall color. Simplify the process by checking out our guide to nursery paint colors, including trendy hues and tried-and-true favorites.

By Kathy Barnes
June 09, 2015

A new nursery is a blank canvas just waiting for a splash of color. In the past, parents chose one of three staples -- sweet pink, little-boy blue, or gender-neutral yellow. No more! There are many great palettes that will give your baby's room a fresh look sure to elicit sweet dreams. If you're not content with the same old, same old, use these stylish ideas.

New Neutrals

baby room

Yellow is no longer the go-to gender-neutral shade. Many parents are now choosing navy or gray for a room that works for boys or girls. For a traditional look, pair sophisticated navy or gray with black, white, metals, or small amounts of a subdued accent color like coral or mint green. To make it modern, punch up the neutrals with a bold contrast of bright orange, yellow, fuchsia, or aqua. Frugal parents will also appreciate that these classic colors mix well with almost any color, allowing the space to easily transition into a more mature look as your child ages.

Pretty in Purple

Pink isn't the only color fit for a princess. Lovely lavender is a sweet and sophisticated choice for your little lady, and it's gaining in popularity thanks to Pantone naming Radiant Orchid its color of the year for 2014. Soft shades of purple are bold and elegant but also calming enough for a room dedicated to sleep. Pair this standout color with more subtle shades like cream, olive, gray, beige, or teal.

Metal Magic

Babies love shiny things, so why not fill their rooms with reflective metallic objects? Gold, silver, and bronze make great accents for a nursery. Whether it's metallic stripes on the walls or lustrous light fixtures, the possibilities are endless. The gleaming colors might be trendy, but they are also classic and elegant choices that can work well with traditional or modern themes. Metallic tones look great with white or black furniture and combine nicely with most popular nursery colors.

Bright and Happy

baby crib in blue and white room

Modern mamas looking for a trendy gender-neutral option will love the look of happy aqua blue. This fresh hue is playful, plus it is bright enough to help lighten up a small or dark nursery. For a cool seaside feeling, pair aqua with crisp white or cool gray and sunny yellow accents. Or, make it ultramodern by adding bursts of carrot orange or cherry red.

Future's So Bright

Turn the traditional nursery on its head with ultravibrant neon. Fluorescent shades energize a room and are becoming a big trend in nursery decor, showing up on accent walls, fabrics, and more. A small dose of acid orange, yellow, green, or pink can go a long way. The bright and modern colors typically look best when used as an accent against a neutral like white or gray.

Black Is the New Black

pink, black, and white nursery

Dare to be different -- choose black over white for furniture and accessories. The darkest color is chic and sophisticated, and it pairs well with any color in the rainbow. Instead of painting the entire room black, most parents prefer to have one accent wall or just use hints of the hue around the room in accent pieces. Black looks particularly sleek when partnered with white and splashes of traditional pink or blue.

Great Gradients

The ombre trend has moved from hairstyles for Mom to decor for Baby. The fading, light-to-dark color gradient is light and airy, and the look can easily transition from nursery to toddler or teen room. Consider painting the room with horizontal stripes of any color, working from light to dark down the walls. Or, add the fashion-forward trick to the nursery using fabrics and accent pieces.

Paint Like a Pro

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