Gender-Neutral Nursery Makeover

Take a cue from these homeowners who transformed a guest room into a nursery. From easy furniture transformations to affordable DIY projects, there's a lot to look at in this playful room.

Paint Picks

This room, from John and Sherry Petersik of, boasts a gender-neutral scheme with a green base, pops of pink accents, and a bit of floral fabric. The pear-green walls are cheerful without being overpowering. The light aqua ceiling feels like you're staring up at the clear blue sky.

Closet Coup

The closet door was removed in favor of a floral homemade floor-length curtain that can be pulled to the side for easy access. Adding a second hanging bar along with open shelves introduces even more function and storage.

Cornered In

A window-lit corner is the perfect spot for a reading area. A circle chair, footrest, and cozy throw are the perfect combination for a relaxing afternoon.

Easy Art

An asymmetrical arrangement feels anything but formal and showcases a collection of personalized pieces. This adds to the made-just-for-you feel of the room.

DIY Dresser

This leggy six-drawer piece for $20 was a bit worse for wear before. Luckily, a little sanding, staining, and painting solved the issues. The stained-bottom-meets-painted-top effect mimics the two-tone crib in this room.

Patterned Parts

Line the drawers with patterned wrapping paper to add even more personality. Storage here and in the closet keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

Swell Storage

Building two floating shelves lets the homeowners show off kid-friendly accessories. Add a lip to make it easy to tuck in books and stuffed animals, keeping them easily corralled.

Mobile Magic

Create three airy orbs with a bit of florist's wire, then add faux hydrangea blossoms to each sphere with a quick thread stitch. For just $12 you can make a light and breezy accent that hangs from fishing wire above the changing table.

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