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A rustic living room might just be the coziest, most welcoming design style you'll find. That's because rustic decor is rich in warmth and dressed in nature's most beautiful materials. Have a look at some of the best rustic decorating ideas for living rooms, and get ready to be inspired.

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Beautiful Beams


Substantial exposed timbers instill natural warmth and beauty in a rustic living room. The large timber beams and supports in this space proudly display knots and imperfections, exuding the rugged appeal that's perfect for shaping a rustic decor.

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Light Touch


Thoughtful lighting choices go a long way in creating a rustic living room. For rugged appeal, look for fixtures that appear old and worn with a mix of natural materials with imperfections. This oversize strap globe fixture combines a timeless mix of primitive wood and metal to command attention, and the spherical shape softens the room's hard edges.

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Better Together

living room

When you want to introduce just a hint of rustic appeal here and there in your living room, consider the Rule of Three to prevent your efforts from appearing random or lackluster. This philosophy, long observed by interior designers, says that groups of similar items create visual impact; odd numbers make the most eye-pleasing groupings. In this living room, for example, a trio of tree stumps creates a clever coffee table arrangement with rustic flair.

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Sunny Side


Your rustic living room doesn't have to be dark and dreary, as this room proves. Accents and fabrics in white, cream, and taupe amplify the effects of sunlight streaming in through a large window. But a few notable features give the space its rustic style. Primitive, chipped-paint candlesticks fill the window alcove, rivaling the more traditional fireplace as a focal point. At the center of the room, a natural wood coffee table stands on split logs, still dressed in rugged natural glory.

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Cabin Classic

What Goes With

For all-over rustic living room warmth, you can't go wrong with a look that's as tried-and-true as a cozy cabin interior. This rustic decor achieves the look with horizontal pine tongue-and-groove boards that wrap the space in a golden hue. Exposed knots are part of the natural beauty, so don't be too picky when selecting boards. The imperfections make rustic decorating a low-stress endeavor.

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Doors to the Past


Architectural salvage offers another simple avenue for creating your rustic living room. Visit any good salvage dealer to tour a wide selection of possibilities; you're bound to come away with plenty of rustic decorating ideas. This antique door, for example, leans against the wall like a prized piece of artwork, displaying multiple coats of old peeling paint that tell a story of days gone by. Be sure to cover the surfaces of any old painted piece with clear polyurethane to preserve the beauty of the finish and seal in any issues with lead-based paint. Choose flat or low-luster sheen so the look remains old and worn.

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Barn Benefits

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Tracking down materials rescued from buildings destined for demolition can be worth the effort. This rustic living room, in a 1909 California cottage, earned natural appeal thanks to the addition of bare barn wood on the ceiling. White beams create an eye-pleasing juxtaposition of rustic and refined.

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Displays of Imperfection


Imperfections are perfect for rustic living rooms. In fact, rough is one of the words used to define rustic. So when you incorporate elements into your rustic decor, celebrate any less-than-pristine aspects of the piece. This large hutch retains doors once stripped of almost all the paint but was never repainted. The resulting natural wood frames with specks of paint draw attention to the treasures displayed inside while exuding rustic charm.

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Sisal Simplicity


The nubby texture of a sisal fiber area rug makes an attractive anchor for furnishings in a rustic living room. When choosing an area rug, select one large enough to create a cohesive look. Follow this rule of thumb: When the furniture grouping doesn't touch walls (but "floats" in the center of the room), the rug should be large enough that all the furniture legs rest on the rug without crowding the grouping. If your furniture backs up against walls, then the rug should be large enough to extend beneath front legs.

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Vertical Thinking


Looking for rustic decorating ideas for walls? Tongue-and-groove boards, installed vertically, can transport your living room to a more simple place and time. The tongue-and-groove walls in this cottage work with the whitewashed ceiling to brighten the space and create a charming backdrop for vintage furnishings.

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Repurposed Treasures

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Some of the best flea market, antique, or salvaged finds don't always appear to have an immediate use. When you come across something you love yet don't know where to put it, buy it and tuck it away as a rainy-day rustic decorating idea. As your living room design comes together, you'll find new ways to use old finds. In this rustic living room, for example, an 18th-century wall cabinet with its original paint stands in as a charming side table, and a wood crate becomes a coffee table centerpiece.

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Lap It Up

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Some old homes harbor a gorgeous secret beneath plaster -- rough pine paneling, which some designers refer to as shiplap. It's an ideal wall treatment for staging a rustic living room. If your home isn't old, you can re-create the look in a new house with salvaged shiplap. Take the look floor-to-ceiling, as shown here, for dramatic impact, or design a more subtle rustic decor statement with shiplap wainscoting.

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Basket Case

rustic living room

Woven objects, such as a collection of vintage baskets tucked beneath the console table and the centerpiece oversize basket (once a pigeon coop, cleverly repurposed as a glass-topped coffee table on wheels), give this rustic living room textural appeal. Matchstick blinds continue the rustic decor to the windows.

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Mantel Magic

rustic living room

The original use of this weathered and chiseled timber might be long forgotten, but it makes a memorable mantel for the fireplace. White walls set off the humble piece, introducing a rugged element in this simple, clean living room setting.

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On Fire


One of the most fundamental features in a rustic living room is the fireplace. Consider dressing yours in authentic native rock, which brings the rugged beauty of the outdoors inside. A brick border outlines the curve of this fireplace, giving it a graceful note. White, transitional club chairs lighten the look and provide a comfy spot to enjoy the fire.

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Peak Performance


Just one well-chosen element can transform a space from plain to inspiring. In this living room, the rustic decorating idea is as simple as the addition of substantial stained beams to distinguish an expansive cathedral ceiling. A barnwood Dutch door and sisal rug continue the look below.

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Unexpected Art


Complete your rustic living room decor with found treasures, displayed in unexpected ways. Here, an old iron pulley becomes a three-dimensional piece of artwork above the fireplace. A side table with a butcher-block surface and casters creates a moveable surface.

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Pining for More


You can't really have a discussion about rustic living room ideas without mentioning wide-plank floors. As this rustic space illustrates so beautifully, wide-plank heart pine floors practically glow with golden color.

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