Why should coffee tables get all the attention? Give the space behind your sofa a little decorating love with these easy tips.

May 03, 2017

Instead of matching lamps on either end of the table, offset one lamp with a vase of equal heft and size. When choosing a sofa table, be sure to keep height in mind -- a console as tall as your sofa keeps lamplight shining down on reading material and everything in arm's reach.

2. Add Interest

Add more interest and depth to your living room with a sofa table. A dark, modern style like this draws your eye in with the contrast in color from the bright white sofa. The addition of the piece also adds another layer of decoration and makes the whole room more put together and visually interesting.

3. It's Inviting


A living room can sometimes feel sectioned off, but a sofa table can act as a welcoming element to guests. Use the tabletop as display space for candy dishes or favorite books. The matching metal vases on this table add a symmetrical element to the eclectic space.

4. Storage


The sofa table can be a huge bonus for storage. For extra storage, add baskets under the console to neatly store throws and extra pillows. When selecting your baskets, keep the height and width of your table in mind to ensure a proper fit.

5. Extra Seating

Credit: Puma

Take full advantage of the usefulness of sofa tables, especially when it comes to hosting guests. If you are having a large gathering at your home, you are going to need all the seating you can get. Under the table is a convenient place to tuck stools for guests to pull out when needed.

6. Display Space

Give yourself more places to display favorite books and accessoreis by adding a sofa table. Here, this living room is symmetrically balanced, and the sofa table echoes the true focal point in the center. The contrast between the rich wood finish and stark decorations helps to make the objects stand out.

7. Fill Empty Space

One of the most basic uses for sofa tables is to fill empty space. Without a sofa table, a room may have large areas that turn into dead space. Here, the additional table helps to continue the color story throughout the room and allows for more personalization with decorating.

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January 7, 2020
Love your ideas and photos but would have appreciated a link to each coffee table shown.
January 7, 2020
Love your ideas and photos but would have appreciated a link to each coffee table shown.