23 Yellow Living Room Ideas for a Bright, Happy Space

Eclectic style yellow room
Photo: Anthony Masterson

Brighten your living room by working yellow into the palette. This warm, versatile color adds an instant ray of sunshine to any space and is easy to incorporate into your current color scheme. See how to style the sunny shade with our yellow living room ideas.

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Yellow Living Room Decor

living room yellow teal furniture gold shelving units
Brie Williams

Quickly introduce yellow into your living room with furniture and accessories. Repeat the hue around the space on items like window treatments, patterned upholstery fabric, artwork, and accent furniture. Gold finishes on metal furnishings or light fixtures add depth to a yellow color scheme.

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Yellow Living Room Color Scheme

living room with blue couch colorful throw pillows
Greg Scheidemann

Yellow's vibrant, happy tones pair well with other bright colors. For balance, try pairing mustard yellow with deep cerulean and coral. These updated shades of primary colors naturally work well together to create an energizing effect.

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Boho Yellow Living Room

Eclectic style yellow room
Anthony Masterson

Yellow is one of many colors featured in this boho-style living room. The yellow walls host a gallery of colorful art, and a deep blue sofa holds plenty of patterned pillows. Layered rugs soften the space, while yellow living room accessories, including fresh flowers, a lampshade, and throw pillows, incorporate the sunny color scheme throughout.

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Warm Living Room Colors

traditional yellow living room
Emily Followill

This traditional-style living room wows with scarlet accents that stand out among creamy yellow walls and a yellow sofa. Upholstered chairs feature rich patterns that tie the warm red and yellow scheme together. The yellow tones throughout the space complement the warm ivory fireplace surround.

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Yellow Paint Ideas

living room yellow beams
Laura Moss

Make yellow a dominant color with this yellow living room idea: Paint the trim and beams in the happy hue. Then use fabrics on furniture and pillows or an area rug to pick up the color around the room. This is one way to brighten a space without making the color too overwhelming.

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Lemon-Yellow Living Room Accents

eclectic style room fireplace
Anthony Masterson

This midcentury modern living room revolves around bold, lemon-yellow wall decor. Browns and blues dominate the space, but a yellow upholstered accent chair brings the scheme together. Shades of yellow also appear on the mantel in artwork and on coffee table accessories.

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Butter Yellow Living Room Walls

yellow living room fireplace
Emily Followill

This yellow living room features a soft, buttery yellow accompanied by a relaxing powder blue. Dark wood furniture grounds the light color scheme, while pops of white keep it light and fresh. This look fits perfectly with traditional home decor.

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Bold Yellow Sofa

navy blue yellow living room
Alex Hayden

Paint isn't the only way to get the benefits of yellow in a living room. Here, a bold yellow striped sofa adds a punch of color to the room. It pairs with navy blue accents in the stripes, pillows, and window treatments to achieve balance. The somewhat subdued patterns leave plenty of attention for the colorful glassware collection on the other side of the room.

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Elegant Yellow Living Room

Victorian yellow living room
Paul Dyer

Yellow can take on an elegant aspect when the tone is just a step or two up from white. In this airy space, abundant natural light and high ceilings are the stars. Painted a shade of butter yellow, the walls serve as a supporting character, as do the subtle yellow accents.

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Barely There Yellow

living room yellow sofa
Richard Leo Johnson

This country French-inspired sitting room brings in subtle yellow tones with a nailhead sofa and yellow-and-brown patterned curtains. Off-white walls and armchairs blend away in the space, and dark accents ground the light hues. Small gold accents give this design a vintage tone while also incorporating yellow tones around the room.

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Traditional Gold Living Room

traditional yellow accent room
Gordon Beall

This traditional living room incorporates several shades of yellow in many patterns and textures. A soft yellow rug gives the space a color foundation. A cream accent chair adds light yellow to the space, while mustard and olive curtains add depth to the scheme. An amber cabinet adds even more variety.

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Yellow as a Neutral

yellow tan neutral living room
Werner Straube

This yellow living room walks the line between yellow and tan well, creating a neutral foundation to build upon. The light chaise and yellow lamps play up the gold accents throughout the space. White woodwork contrasts dark wood floors to strike the perfect balance.

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Subtle Yellow Decor

Contemporary yellow white room
Emily Followill

Bring yellow living room decor into your home without letting it take over. This space marries dark wood furnishings with light yellow textiles for a balanced and subtle look. Muted patterns and colors carry throughout the space thanks to accessories like yellow wall art and coffee table accents.

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Buttercream Yellow Walls

Traditional yellow living room
Anthony Masterson

Light buttercream yellow unites this large living room. It starts on the walls and echoes in the gingham curtains and the striped rug. The lighter yellow backdrop allows yellow wall decor and a lively animal print on the ottoman to take center stage. Adding black accents will give a yellow room more zing. Just be careful not to add so much black that you mimic the decorating equivalent of a bumblebee.

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Mod Mustard Yellow Living Room

living room gold accents
Kim Cornelison

In a mostly neutral living room, a mustard yellow couch steals the show. Gold accents, like the coffee table and frames on the walls, mimic the yellow tones of the sofa. By keeping the walls, floor, and light fixtures neutral, this space makes yellow the star without being overwhelming.

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Golden Yellow Living Room

golden yellow living room
James Carriere

Golden yellow walls lend this living room a sunny disposition. To make the extra-tall room feel less imposing, a band of white trim breaks up the yellow walls and introduces a subtle accent. Another primary color, red, helps the chairs make a bold statement, while the browns in the sofa and window treatments anchor the room's scheme.

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Retro Living Room Decor

yellow purple color living room
Richard Leo Johnson

This bright living room brings a 1960s color scheme into the modern era. A tufted butterscotch sofa brings out the yellow tones in the chevron window treatments. Gray and yellow striped chairs bring neutral tones to the deep tones of the rest of the decor.

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Cheerful Yellow Paint Colors

yellow green highlight room
Helen Norman

For an outdoors-inspired space, start with a sunny yellow wall color. Incorporate sky blue and grass green accents to complete the yellow color scheme. Doses of white, shown here in trimwork and ceramic accents, lend a crisp edge to the natural look.

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Gray and Yellow Living Room

French style living room
Dominique Vorillon

This gray and yellow living room features bold pattern and texture. A yellow buffalo check sofa updates vintage style, while striped yellow window treatments soften a busy gray and white wallpaper pattern. A gold chandelier and side table stick with the traditional look, while electric blue glass accents add modern contrast.

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Artwork on Yellow Walls

Yellow white living room
Laura Moss

Art galleries know a neutral backdrop lets the artwork shine. This room shows that a neutral background doesn't have to be white. A warm yellow wall color emphasizes the hues in this graphic, unframed piece. Lighter shades in subtle yellow-and-white patterns add interest to the white furniture without detracting from the bold painting.

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Muted Yellow Living Room Ideas

French country style room
Tria Giovan

This mostly neutral living room marries mellowed yellow with gray and wood tones to create a warm and inviting space. Tall curtains add drama and lead the eye up to the natural wood beams. Gray and yellow wall art carries the color of the armchairs around the space.

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Decorating with Yellow Walls

yellow living room fireplace
Brie Williams

Wondering how to decorate a room with yellow walls? Make the floor match, and let the furniture bring something new to the space. Here, a yellow floor rug blends with yellow walls to create a blank canvas for furnishings. A blue sofa and red-and-white accent fabrics bring in all three primary colors without looking elementary.

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Yellow Accent Wall

Yellow wall living room
Kim Cornelison

Bright yellow will make visitors come to a full stop when you use it as a bold accent wall. Here, it's incorporated with generous doses of white (on other walls, the ceiling, the sofa, artwork, and tables) to mitigate the drama. Graphic black accents weave into the scheme to emphasize the geometry of this modern space.

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