Natalie Morales' Living Room Makeover

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Today show anchor Natalie Morales coaxes her living room out of its beige slumber and into a dreamy oasis full of color, texture, and sparkle.

Wake-Up Call

Natalie Morales knows all about rising and shining -- her weekdays start at 4 a.m. But it's her sleepy living room that needed some help. Go to the next slides to see the before and the amazing afters.

Before: Just Passing Through

Located between the front door and the kitchen, this 15 foot-wide space sees a lot of traffic. Trouble is, nobody wanted to stick around. “When we had people over, everybody would end up in the kitchen,” Natalie says. Why? The furniture didn’t exactly say “sit down and relax,” and too much brown was a downer. The good news: It was all fixable! Enter the decorating geniuses at One Kings Lane, one of Natalie’s go-to shopping sites. 

Take a peek into the living room of Today Show anchor Natalie Morales.

Take a Tour

Their first move was to replace the sofa (too deep) and coffee table (too big) with slightly smaller pieces. That switch improved traffic flow and freed up space for a pair of chairs and a small tulip table. Add a couple of upholstered benches, all chic and sparkly with their gold bases, and you have a room set up for cocktails and conversation (or popcorn and board games).

In this video: Natalie talks about how her living room is a reflection of her style and why it works for her family's lifestyle.

Singing the Blues

Natalie loves neutrals and didn't want to change her wall color. No problem -- laying down a big hit of color on the floor has just as much impact. The deep blue overdyed rug -- a worn-in Turkish rug that has been saturated with color makes the light furniture pop, wears like iron, and hides almost anything. That's a major upside for a house with kids and pets. 

Cozy Corner

"That chair really represents my style," Natalie says of her wood-frame midcentury chair. "It's elegant but approachable, and it doesn't try too hard." Relocating it to the front of the room makes it a focal point, and adding a side table, floor lamp, and rug turns it into a comfy spot where Natalie can sit and read. 

"We have a beautiful family photo, but it looked awkward hanging by itself," Natalie says. The fix: Surround it with framed artwork in a variety of styles, all knit together by shared blue and bronze tones. The mix of styles gives the gallery a collected-over-time look and makes it easy for Natalie to add new pieces as she finds them.

All that Shimmers

Natalie’s living room sparkles with gold, brass, and nickel, and they all work together. Why? Because the metal finishes are used sparingly, like jewelry, and placed around the room in a balanced way.

Today Show anchor Natalie Morales answers our questions on her style and life.

Q&A with Natalie

She's interviewed countless A-listers and newsmakers on the Today show. Now it's Natalie's turn to answer the questions.

The Designer

Susan Feldman and her team of decorating whizzes at One Kings Lane helped Natalie jazz up her living room.

About Susan:

Day Job: Co-founder and chief merchandising officer of One Kings Lane. 

My Personal Style: "Classic with a twist."

Decorating Advice: "Pulling the furniture out from the wall even a few inches creates a much more intimate space."

My Perfect Meal: "A summer salad with grilled branzino and veggies, eaten outside. And of course a glass of rosé --the best!"

Susan Feldman, co-founder of One Kings Lane, gives tips on how to add personality to your home and decor.

Inside Scoop

Susan tells you how to add personality to your home and decor.

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