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A multipurpose design offers a seating, storage, and snacking area all in just one living room. See how this room makes the most of its limited space.

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    Pieced Together

    The most important aspect of the makeover was to create a more livable room, with space to accommodate friends and family. To make the most of the home's long, narrow living area, the space was designed with multiple purposes.

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    Color Combos

    The living area was separated into three distinct spaces for seating, storage, and the occasional board game. The separate zones were united with a color palette of gray and yellow. Black accents, like these accessories, ground the space.

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    Lounge Around

    At the end of the living room, furniture was grouped to create a cozy seating area. To define the space, a woven rug was situated underneath the lounging area. Fun materials and motifs combine in this simple ottoman.

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    Sweet Sophistication

    A patchwork of reimagined accessories and DIY projects creates the living room's sophisticated mix.

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    Bottled Up

    Old bottles, twine, and fresh blooms combine to create an instant centerpiece. The best part: You can swap out the flowers for new ones and voila, a new color and look to your centerpiece.

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    Quite a Quilt

    A basic quilt pattern forms the foundation for graphic wall art. Personalize the wall art by using your favorite prints or pictures to create the pattern. Here, everything from book covers to beverage cases to cork was used, creating fun colors, textures, typography, and images.

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    Stunning Storage

    For a unique and beautiful storage system, stack individual wooden boxes and add miscellaneous baskets, bins, bowls, and boxes to fit inside each one for concealed storage.

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    Steal the Idea

    Get this look in a weekend or less -- sans major power tools -- using purchased modular storage cubes or shelves and wood boxes found at discount and craft stores. Unify the disparate pieces with paint and connect with wood screws. Look for pieces the same depth for a smoother look.

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    Divine Dining

    A simple table and chairs creates the perfect spot for a board game or brunch. When entertaining, extra chairs add seating for guests and the tabletop serves as the perfect buffet for finger foods.

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    Pendant Light Possibilities

    A pendant light grounds the space and was crafted from a repurposed tomato cage. Simple embroidery stitches dress up the pendant light.

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    Fabulous Felt

    Cozy up the corner with soft, decorative pillows. Easy-to-create felt flowers embellish this store-bought pillow. Cut flower shapes in different sizes from felt, then layer the petals and tack them together. As you sew each one to the pillow, bunch up the fabric to create blooms.

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