Living Room Color Trends

Ready to wake up your living room with color? Try out one of these living room color trends sure to surprise and refresh.

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    Eye-Opening Color

    Say your living room is due for a wake-up call... Its white walls and wood floors and brown sofa are lovely but not lively, and it's ready for a change. A few strategic pops of bold color might be just the jolt it needs -- look at what an impact the yellow pillows, the orange lamps, a citrus-green side chair, and a quart of peppery paint can make! The space is still basically neutral -- not too crazy or "out there" -- but with an elevated heart rate.

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    Soft and Subdued

    "Colorful neutrals" might sound like an oxymoron, but take a look: Isn't that exactly what this living room is wearing? Gray and yellow are hues that don't scream for attention -- rather they wink and smile in the most inviting, come-hither way. Cloaking a room in a couple of easygoing colors and setting off a few sparks with shiny glass and metallic touches gives the impression of vibrant color -- without actually splashing the whole color spectrum across a space.

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    Treasure Trove

    Give a living room the jewel-box treatment by swaddling in deep hues (dark walls give the feeling of being enfolded in color), rich fabrics, and luxurious touches. The strategy works well in a small, cozy room, and it's not for the faint of heart. But those brave few who take the plunge are rewarded with a space so enveloping and delightful that they wonder why they didn't jump in sooner. And if it's the living room (or another public space) that turns into a jewel box, it'll wow every visitor who crosses the threshold.

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    Dark Walls: Get It Right

    Watch and see how to pull off dark walls like a pro.

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    Go All In

    When it comes to gambling or investments, the higher the risk, the greater the reward. It's also true for home design, and here's proof that going "all in" with dazzling, delightful color can pay off in spades. Vital to this daring and dynamic look is to keep some surfaces in the neutral zone (floors, ceilings, curtains) and to choose high-contrast hues for the most impact.

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    Far From Basic Blue

    Blue is one of the few hues that is universally admired. Men and women, old and young, hip and traditional -- we all appreciate a well-appointed room basking in blue. The color partners especially well with earth tones (like the wood, sandy taupe, and rich brown in this room) so it's an easy accent option for living spaces dressed in a lot of neutrals. Various shades of blue -- from sky blue to indigo -- also play well together in a single space.

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    Grown-Up Girlie

    Meet the feminine style of the modern age: prim, tailored, and sophisticated -- and nary a ruffle in sight. Pink makes an appearance, but it's a warm coral-leaning version that's amped up with several shots of red elsewhere in the room. Glinting metals (gold, bronze, and iron) provide pleasing weight and a wink of glamour to the room -- this is definitely a grown-up gal's living space.

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    The Greatness of Gray

    Every room would do well with a little -- or a lot! -- of gray. That's because this many-shaded neutral complements every other color by letting louder colors capture the spotlight while itself imparting depth and drama, making gray the ultimate supporting player. It's also a smart choice for large surfaces (walls, floors, curtains, sofas) because it never goes out of style and slips seamlessly into a new scheme when, say, banana yellow wears out its welcome.

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    Layers of Luxury

    Crafting a well-appointed room with richness and interest extending far beneath the surface is all the more vital when it's cloaked in neutrals. Without bright colors and zany patterns clamoring for attention, a quiet room can display its depth. Pull in a wealth of sumptuous textures, shine on with hints of glint from glass, crystal, and metallics, and flaunt mighty restraint when it comes to knickknacks and color.

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    Personal Favorite

    A room swathed in go-with-everything neutrals, like this tone-on-tone living room, provides the perfect canvas for trumpeting a signature color. (It's peacock-blue in this case, but it could just as readily be audacious red, regal purple, or acid yellow.) Be sure to swipe this hue around the whole room -- that way, it looks like a deliberate design decision, not an afterthought.

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    White Out

    Who doesn't appreciate the bright, fresh feel of a mostly white room? White goes with everything, comes across as clean, and doesn't go stale in just a season or two. It also supports just about any additional colors you might want to bring home, so feel free to experiment with white plus another hue (or three). Weave these extra colors throughout the room so that the whole scheme comes together cohesively.

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