12 Green Living Room Ideas with Refreshing Style

green midcentury modern living room with plants
Photo: Carson Downing

Spruce up your living room with the color green for a refreshing nod to nature. With a broad range of options including soft mint, zingy lime, and lush evergreen, there's a shade of green to match every style. Apply these green living room ideas for a vibrant color refresh.

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Green Living Room Ideas

white den with green couch
Peter Molick

Associated with new life and nature's beauty, green is a natural fit for living room color schemes. Selecting just a few green pieces, such as an accent chair or lamp, allows you to change your palette with ease. For a bolder dose of color, try painting the walls in your favorite shade or consider a statement-making green sofa.

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Green Living Room Color Schemes

Liz Strong home patterned living room
David Tsay

Green is a versatile hue that blends well with a wide variety of other colors. For a vibrant living room color scheme, pair lush greens with bright colors pulled from the garden, such as rose pink, goldenrod, and tangerine. In this green living room, neutral walls and a symmetrical furniture arrangement keep the playful mix of colors and patterns from appearing chaotic.

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Green Living Room Accents

white sitting room with blue, green, and yellow accents
Kim Cornelison

A few colorful elements set against a backdrop of neutrals add stand-out personality without going overboard. An accent chair and throw pillows offer subtle ways to insert the fresh feel of green in a classic design, as seen in this living room. A dark shade of sage on the fireplace mantel ties in with the green accessories while offering contrast against warm white walls.

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Green Living Room Walls

green midcentury modern living room with plants
Carson Downing

Lean into the nature-inspired look with green living room ideas that remind of lush plant life. Here, verdant walls draw their color from an assortment of leafy houseplants. Nature-inspired wall art and natural materials including leather and jute contribute to the organic appeal.

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Green Living Room Refresh

living room green fireplace white columns
Michael Partenio

To achieve a crisp and clean feel, keep your living room color scheme simple. Choose a few green accents, such as pillows, throws, or artwork, to offset a palette of creams, grays, and browns. Potted plants and cut flowers can also add a touch of green while bringing a bit of nature indoors.

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Dark Green Living Room

green livingroom white pumpkin fall decor
Werner Straube

Dark green wall colors add dramatic style to living rooms. To prevent the space from feeling too dark, paint the ceiling and trim in a bright white that will reflect light around the room. Warm accents, including mustard yellow curtains and a leather chair, also help ward off a dim, cold look in this green living room.

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Green Living Room Couch

living room with green couch
Helen Norman

Bring in green with a bold accent piece to instantly enliven a neutral living room. Here, a brilliant emerald green sofa stands out amid a color scheme otherwise dominated by white and black. For extra pop, choose a statement-making fabric like velvet.

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Gray and Green Living Room

Dark gray wall living room with green couch
Greg Scheidemann

Against a backdrop of dark gray walls, bright green living room decor is even more impactful. Boasting a vibrant shade of sherbet green, this sofa injects bold personality into the mostly gray space. A teal-painted floor and fuschia accents incorporate additional color that keeps the look bright and crisp.

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Light Green Living Room

Green walls with geometric and plant artworks
Adam Albright

Inject joy into your living room with the refreshing color combination of light green and pink. Muted shades of lime and blush, balanced by crisp white, create a sophisticated look that isn't too sweet. Use these three colors interchangeably in furnishings and accessories to create a cohesive look.

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Choosing Green Living Room Colors

landscape art fireplace mantel muted green accents
Stacey Brandford

Let a favorite piece of art guide your green living room color scheme. The different shades of green in the landscape painting above the mantel repeat throughout this room. Having the painting as a focal point allows the different greens to interact without competing for attention.

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Emerald Green Living Room

emerald jade linen living room color scheme
Jay Wilde

Painting just one wall a vibrant green revives a dull room without a major color commitment. The bold color of this emerald green accent wall gives the living room a retro-chic feeling. The jewel-tone green contrasts with the more subdued shades of cream and teal in furnishings and artwork.

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Green Living Room Furniture

bright green sofa pink pillow glam sitting area corner
James Yochum

Have fun with living room furniture in zippy shades of green. This chartreuse sofa and accent lamp pop against the bright white walls and window treatments. An antique etched-glass mirror contrasts with the modern furniture for an eclectic, whimsical look.

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