13 Tips and Decorating Ideas for Using Blue in the Living Room

From navy to cornflower to teal, use the many shades of blue to bring a calm, clean, and classic feel to any living room.

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Go Natural with Wood

Sky blue living room

The abundance of wood in a Craftsman-style room can make finding the right wall color a challenge -- too strong a contrast or color and the wood grain gets lost; too soft and the whole thing goes blurry. Pale blue is crisp enough to sharpen the edges of good woodwork without overwhelming its subtleties

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Light and Inviting

Light blue living room

Make a room light and inviting by using soft blue walls with creamy white details and orange accents. The colors work well together and create an airy feel for a living room. Using multiples of items, such as the two chairs, and symmetry will give the room a sense of classic balance.

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Vintage Coastal

Riverfront living room

By using vintage pieces and updating them with textured fabrics, this cornflower blue and cream room has a fresh feel to it. In this riverfront home, the blue and white reflect the colors of the river outside and connect the indoor gathering space with the screen porch and the scenery beyond.

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Accent Only

Accent Only

The heavy lifting in this color scheme is done with white, black, and dark brown. Teal blue accents throughout the room add the needed layer of dimension and interest without distracting from the bold whites and zebra-print rug.

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A Nautical Hint

Nautical living room

A blue-and-white striped rug nicely emphasizes the light nautical theme of this room. By incorporating navy blue and nautical-print accent pillows, this room offers the right touch of seaside influence. The different shades of blue work well with the white wall and the dark wood furniture.

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Pretty Patterned Piece

sitting room final stage

Pull a room together by anchoring it around an interesting piece such as this pale cornflower blue patterned sofa. Use teal in other elements throughout the room, including pillows and draperies, to create a cohesive look.

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Go Subtle for Serenity

2 baskets on white coffee table

For a fresh, cottage-inspired look, pair pale blue with light neutrals. Bright white accents along with the tan and wicker elements in the room let the pale blue color dominate. By limiting the color palette and sticking with light colors, the room feels calm and refreshing.

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Elegant Wall Color

Elegant Wall Color

Add an air of elegance to a living room by painting the walls a rich matte blue. The teal-twinged hue used here is the perfect backdrop for a room filled with shimmery satin pillows and draperies and textured neutral-tone fabrics. Warm tones reach to the floor with its honey-color wood and rustic jute rug.

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Fresh and Traditional

Fresh and Traditional

For a fresh take on traditional, try a bold blue-and-white plaid sofa. Plaids are surprisingly adaptable; the sofa here easily mixes with the French blue walls. Add dimension with pattered accent pillows.

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Forever Cornflower

Forever Cornflower

Cornflower blue is a great shade for softening a living area. This pale shade of blue works well with creamy white to create a soothing contrast and a country French feel. Try finding different patterns in this shade to see how they work together in the room.

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Mod Pops

Mod Pops

This whimsical room is pulled together by a fresh blue wall color perfectly suited to the mod furnishings. The pale green and blue colors work well together in the same shade without competing. And the complementary orange brings the blue living room to life.

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Accent with Cobalt Blue

Accent with Cobalt Blue

To make bright cobalt blue really pop, pair it with a white background. The combination creates a bold and bright palette suitable for any room and without being overwhelming. Add darker wood accents for balance.

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From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up

One school of decorating thought espouses picking the rug first with all other choices to follow. Here, the deepest blue in the rug cued the color for the rich velvet sofa that anchors the room. The contrasting sienna pairs with the blue in the armchair. The draperies are paler shades of the same pairing to prevent the color scheme from overpowering the room.

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