Family-Friendly Living Spaces

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Family living rooms fulfill many needs. With multitasking amenities and customized storage, these three organized living spaces are perfect combinations of lovely and livable with room to grow.

Relax & Entertain

With a place for everything, this family's gathering space is orderly, enjoyable, and equally suited for play and relaxation. Functional furniture does double duty in the seating area, creating a comfy space to relax while stashing throws and pillows.

Built-In Beauties

Create a one-stop activity center that everyone in the family can enjoy. Built-in cabinets are filled with toys, crafts, and family games. Labels clearly announce what is located where, making the storage compartment super kid-friendly.


A lidless canvas tote with rope handles makes it easy for kids to spot exactly what they're looking for -- and put it away at the end of playtime.

Functional Furniture

Bring storage to your living room with furniture that pulls double duty. A sofa-hugging console table provides a landing zone for work-related items and open space beneath to stow baskets.

Clever Catchall

A serving tray is repurposed as a catchall for daily mail and pocket contents, such as keys and reading glasses. Stocked with a crock of pencils and a notepad, the area also functions as a communication center.

Well-Blended Storage

Custom millwork with column details lends the look of furniture to the media center. Doors and drawers conceal gaming equipment when not in use, while baskets above fill space and store infrequently used items.

Media Station

The media center can quietly blend in or function with ease when it's time for a movie night or gaming competition. Small bins and boxes categorize DVDs, video games, and CDs. Adhesive labels on each drawer make searching a snap.

Blended Living Room

Smart space-planning and efficient storage turn a cluttered living and dining room into a stylish family hangout. The L-shape multiuse room boasts well-defined zones to help it live large.

Seamless Transition

A transition space between the dining room and family room is the ideal spot for a compact home office. A long table with a rolling cart provides an attractive work surface, and wall-mount shelves organize the clutter of papers and supplies.

Organized Home Office

Go vertical when floor space is at a premium. Hang wall-mount shelves above tables and seating to create a home-office bookcase. Here, decorative boxes and magazine holders offer stylish storage.

Open Kitchen Design

The eating area links the living room and kitchen. Stacked stock cabinets create custom-look built-ins for corraling extra place settings, dishes, and barware.

Stylish Sideboard

A storage-packed sideboard behind the sofa divides the entry area and living room. The piece mixes drawers and a large cubby to offer stowaway space for games, toys, and crafts supplies that is easy for small children to access.

Game Time

Games and puzzles can quickly be stashed out of sight in a family room. A media-cabinet drawer discreetly corrals tiny, easy-to-lose game pieces. Score cards and notepads are organized in a small box.

Stylish Drop Zone

Stash on-the-go gear in one efficient, easy-access spot. Beyond the living area, a modular bench-cubby combination streamlines storage. Coordinating rattan bins labeled with hanging tags and filled with outdoor accessories boost the bench's function.

Charging Station

Fashion a charging station in your home's entry area to keep accessories charged and easy to find. These personalized docking stations -- labeled to prevent mix-ups -- ensure organization for each family member's devices.

Perfect Balance

Smart, integrated storage is essential to organizing the center of family togetherness. Because living rooms are prone to clutter, floor-to-ceiling cabinets satisfy both parents and kids by combining decorative display and practical storage along one wall. Shelves at kid height are scaled to hold baskets where toys can be stowed.

Integrated Art Gallery

Custom built-ins featuring open, adjustable shelving offer ample possibilities for showing off treasured photos, collections, and mementos. Bright, prominent artwork elevates bare shelves to inviting displays.

Secret Stowaway

By planning living room storage with family needs and growing kids in mind, you can achieve function without sacrificing good looks. Every inch of wall space is used, including the three drawers under the window seat, where blankets, throws, and pillows are kept at the ready for family movie nights.

Kid Solutions

Tall baskets with handles are perfect for a quick toy cleanup, and they're a good-looking solution for containing the clutter that comes with family life. As children grow, the baskets can be used for whisking away magazines and other reading materials.

Establish Zones

In a large, open living room, it's important to define each zone. Strategic furniture placement creates conversation areas that draw the room together. An oversize antique cabinet serves as a partial divider between the sitting and dining areas.

Scholarly Setup

A built-in home office just beyond the sitting area faces away from distractions, making it perfect for doing homework. The dining table can easily transform into extended work space for group projects.

Communication Central

Next to the office area, a cabinet features compartments for sorting mail and stationery, a bulletin board for important reminders, and a small television behind sliding doors. Cubbies promote organization by giving each family member a drop-off spot.

Office Essentials

Plentiful storage space frees the office area from paper pileups. A drawer equipped with hanging folders keeps school documents, medical records, and other pertinent family information on hand.

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