Straighten your family room—and give it an upscale look—
with storage strategies that conceal electronics, games, and toys.

May 19, 2016

Do trade out a standard coffee table for a flip-top ottoman that can store blankets, throws, and extra pillows near the sofa. Then place a large tray on top of the ottoman to corral reading material and hold drinks when needed.

Not That: Limit your Storage

Don't choose a coffee table with limited storage. Living rooms tend to collect extra stuff -- the last thing you need is nowhere to store it.

Do This: Optimize Shelving

Do employ decorative bins and baskets to group toys and games. Opt for containers without lids for items that are used often, and stick with a simple color scheme when choosing storage containers. It will create a sophisticated and cohesive look for your living space.

Not That: Misuse Space

Don't waste the coveted shelving of built-in cabinets only for decorative items or fill cabinets with disorganized clutter. Try to create rhyme and reason by combining storage with function.

Do This: Have a Home for Everything

Do add organizers to the top of your console table to create a handy drop zone for phones, writing utensils, or daily mail. Place large baskets under the console table to make use of otherwise wasted space. Give each person his or her own labeled basket to ensure items are organized and easy to find.

Not That: Fill the Room with Unused Items

Don't bother with extra furniture and accessories you'll never use. If one lamp sufficiently lights a space, it's pair doesn't need to be nearby and extra seating can be unnecessary and cumbersome.

Do This: Disguise Storage

Do store out-of-season or infrequently used items near the ceiling to maximize storage space. Also, consider choosing a media cabinet with doors and drawers that can hide the TV and other electronic equipment when they're not in use.

Not That: Create More Work For Yourself

Don't put decorative items up high. They'll be difficult to dust and a challenge to see.

Comments (2)

January 22, 2019
Great ideas--the dos and don'ts are very informative. Please note that a lift-top coffee table is an excellent vehicle for blankets, throws, and other hidden storage. I have one and love it.
January 22, 2019
I appreciate the way the same room is used to contrast the "DO" with the "DO NOT"--makes the improvements much clearer.