Declutter Your Living Room

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the range of items you need to store in your home's gathering spots, look to this cohesive and clutter-free living room. Books, magazines, office supplies, and toys are cleverly tucked away without sacrificing style.

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    Stuff a Bookshelf

    Use decorative containers to streamline clutter on bookshelves that straddle seating and working areas. Magazine holders mask catalogs, while woven bins and fabric-covered boxes hide office supplies.

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    Label Buckets

    Hold office odds and ends such as tape, rulers, and clips in beautiful burlap-covered buckets. Bronze label holders ensure everything is put back in place.

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    Select Smart Furniture

    This hardworking living room stands at just under 200 square feet yet it still incorporates distinct zones for family gatherings and business. This is possible with savvy furniture that doubles as storage, such as a coffee table that holds baskets on a lower shelf.

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    See-Through Storage

    Don't throw away those leftover glass jars just yet. The clear containers are a simple solution for small supplies like paint chips, twine, and colorful envelopes.

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    Double-Duty Drawers

    A discreet single-drawer filing cabinet not only stores important documents but also serves as a side table in this functional living room. Use the surface to showcase ceramic vases or your favorite coffee table reads.

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    Combine Containers with Baskets

    Two storage solutions are better than one when you subdivide pretty woven baskets with cubical plastic containers. Slide the bins under a coffee table or bottom shelf of a bookcase when it comes to cleanup time.

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    DIY Desk

    Create an open-concept desk by topping two laminate bookcases with a fabric-and-glass-covered board. The outward-facing shelves guarantee easy access to office supplies, while sunny yellow lamps look more like living room pieces than cubicle fare.

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    11 Tricks for Decluttering Your Desk Space

    Cluttered desk got you down? Get organized with these simple solutions for a versatile workstation.

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    Wire Baskets

    Keep your most-used files and reference materials accessible in reachable wire baskets on the side of your desk. The baskets add a vintage vibe to your living space, plus they can be wall-mounted to save shelf space.

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    Try a Tray

    Harness available desk space with a decorative inset tray stacked with supplies. Short ceramic vases and unused coffee mugs make ideal containers for collecting pencils and pens.

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    Woven Baskets

    Oversize woven baskets keep everything on open shelves carefully organized, labeled, and presented with flair. This homeowner used the catchall containers to organize fabric samples by type and manufacturer, but they can also be used to hide magazines, books, toys, or electronics.

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    Showcase Inspiration

    Divide a mounted inspiration board into quadrants with colored ribbon or pushpins that mimic classic nailhead trim. Each area can be dedicated to one type of office task or aspect of a project. 

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    Lidded Boxes

    Not all office essentials need to be showcased. Hide less attractive supplies in bright lidded boxes; indicate the contents with color-coordinated hang tags tied to D-rings. A large suitcase also offers attractive hidden storage for bottom shelves.

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    Hanging Storage

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to mounted wire baskets. Pack them with your current project provisions, designate one for each family member, or organize bills and pressing correspondences by due date.

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