24 Laundry Room Storage Solutions to Freshen Up Your Space

Control clutter in your laundry room with these time-saving tips.

laundry room with tile floor

Hector M. Sanchez

Laundry rooms come in all sizes and layouts. Some homes have a dedicated room for a washer and dryer, while others may only have a small multi-functional space or closet. The one thing that every laundry room has in common is the need to house items such as hampers, ironing boards, and detergents. Effortlessly sort your clothing and supplies with these creative laundry room storage ideas, no matter the size of your space.

If you’re struggling to squeeze all the essentials into your laundry room, take inspiration from our laundry organizing solutions. From simple DIY projects to reconfiguring the design of the room and everything in between, you’ll have plenty of ideas to organize the space and maybe—just maybe—enjoy the chore a bit more.

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Storage for Tight Spaces

Bathroom laundry room

Michael Partenio

Because you can't afford to waste a sliver of space in a tiny laundry room, take storage as high as you can with creative shelving. Keep the laundry storage tower design simple to prevent the room from feeling overcrowded. Stacked washer and dryer units leave space for lower side shelves, rather than limiting the storage with higher shelving.

Tip: Reserve low shelves for frequently used items so they are easy to access.

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Use Every Inch of Space

Laundry room

Stacey Brandford

Whether your laundry room is tiny or you have plenty of square footage to work with, it’s in your best interest to maximize of the available space you have. Store cleaning products in lower cabinets, stash small and miscellaneous items in drawers, and place laundry supplies on a shelf just above the machines for easy access. Install a variety of wall hooks or under-cabinet rods for hanging items to dry. Upper cabinets can stretch to the ceiling and hold bulk-buy items, such as a jumbo pack of toilet paper or paper towels.

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Clean Aesthetic

white cabinets in laundry room

Laura Moss

Doing laundry can feel like a never ending chore—and that’s probably because it is. But creating a calm and clutter-free laundry room can make the task less daunting. Even if your supplies are already hidden behind cabinet doors, make sure they're organized as well as possible. Use coordinating containers to corral things into categories and add clear labels so that anyone doing a load knows where everything is located. Opt for bins with handles, especially for those on higher shelves, so they’re easy to pull down.

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Think Outside the Box

laundry room with tile floor

Hector M. Sanchez

Many older homes include the washer and dryer in the kitchen, which is not ideal because housing fresh food and dirty clothes in the same vicinity can be unhygienic. If your house is lacking a formal laundry room, think about other options: Repurpose an unused closet or transform a small sunroom. This will keep your laundry room out of the way, and while you'll likely need to hire a plumber, you can avoid a major home renovation.

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Think Efficiently

bhg laundry room shelves

Edmund Barr

If your mudroom has the space and hookup capabilities for a washer and dryer, consider adding a laundry room to it. The things that come in and out of the entryway are usually the dirtiest anyway. It’s called a mudroom for a reason, after all. Sweaty sports uniforms, gym clothes, wet bathing suits, and stained clothing can be stripped off, spot treated, and tossed right into the washing machine before they touch anything else in the house. 

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A No-Brainer Process

laundry room shelves

David A Land

Similarly to a mail in, mail out system you might already have in your home office or command center, you can create an inbound and outbound clothing system for each household member. Add gliding pull-out drawers below a countertop in the laundry room: Aim for two stacked vertically, and as many as you need across the width of the wall. The bottom drawer can serve as the dirty hamper while the top will contain clean clothes ready for the taking. The surface above is ideal for folding and the openness of the drawers allows clothes to breathe.

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Rolling Supplies

laundry cart

Jay Wilde

Multi-tier rolling carts are one of the most versatile organizing solutions on the market. Place the frequently reached-for items such as detergent, dryer balls, and stain removers on the top tier. Less often used products like bleach and washing machine cleaner can be placed further down. Roll the cart in between the appliances or wherever it’s out of your way while you’re working.

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Smart Laundry Room Storage

Craft and laundry room

Heather Anne Thomas

A well-designed layout smartly blends a laundry room and hobby space. A front-loading washer, dryer, and utility sink fit neatly along one wall in this colorful multi-use room. Upper cabinets offer versatile storage for laundry and crafts supplies. A center table is as handy for folding clothes as it is for crafting. Storage between the washer and dryer offers a place for detergent pods and dryer sheets.

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Hidden Asset

blue cabinets in laundry room

John Granen

If you’re lacking a door to the laundry room and are limited on space, this clever hack will help you sneak in an ironing board. A recessed nook in the wall can both hide and store the ironing board. Install it in an area where you'll have room to extend the board, and be sure it's near an outlet for the iron itself. Include a few shallow shelves to store supplies such as spray bottles and lint rollers.

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Appliance Drawers

washer and dryer

Richard Leo Johnson

Some manufacturers of washers and dryers thoughtfully provide storage drawers in the base of the appliance. If you're shopping for a new washer and dryer and your laundry room is short on space, keep this feature in mind. Make the most of a small space with a few laundry room storage shelves either for supplies or decor.

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Easy-Care Kits

Stain removal kit

Werner Straube

Corral clothes-care supplies in cute laundry room storage bins that clean up easily if anything drips or spills. Organize other household and laundry items by type in attractive containers and label them so you can find things quickly. Within the bins, use jars or cups to gather smaller supplies.

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Transform Blank Walls

Laundry room decorating

Werner Straube

Hang an ironing board on a sliver of blank wall or the back of the laundry room door to save valuable floor space. Mounting an ironing board holder to the wall is a simple solution for a cramped laundry room—and wall-mount holders set up in seconds. This clever laundry room storage idea uses every inch of space wisely.

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Mix Style and Function


Lauren Krysti

Vintage-look details and clever use of cabinetry give this spacious, open laundry room its cottage-style charm. Shelves encourage organization and let flea market accessories come alive, while upper and lower cabinetry provide practical storage for laundry supplies. A laundry room folding table offers room to sort and fold without interrupting traffic flow.

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Small-Space Laundry Closet


Emily Followill

A full-size laundry room might not be an option for some condos, apartments, and small homes. For those types of spaces, test this laundry room storage idea. This stacked washer and dryer tucks away in a slim closet off of the kitchen and uses nearby cabinets for storage. Perforated door panels add visual interest and ventilate the laundry area while keeping the appliances out of sight.

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In the Bag

Laundry mesh bags

Marshall Johnson

Gather each family member's socks and underwear in a separate mesh bag, then send the whole bag through the washer and dryer. When the cycle ends, each person can grab his or her bag to sort and put away. Use hooks to hang the bags, and attach a label to indicate whether the contents are clean or dirty to keep the laundry system going smoothly.

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Enlist a Turntable


Jay Wilde

Whether you store laundry gear on a countertop or under the sink, using a turntable is an easy way to keep it accessible. Group items by purpose—such as the post-wash supplies shown—for easy, sensible organization. Gather smaller items like clothes pins in a tall container to keep everything organized.

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Open Shelving

Laundry basket labels

Greg Scheidemann

Stash overflowing laundry baskets in open cubbies. They'll look tidy, and the air circulation will help prevent mildew and odor problems. Labeling them by load type or family member helps keep things organized and in one place.

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Clear Canisters


Scott Little

Economy-size boxes of laundry powder save you money, but wrestling with the large container every time you wash clothes can be a chore. Consider transferring manageable amounts into clear canisters that you can keep on an open shelf. They look pretty and show when you're getting low on supplies.

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Custom Storage + Work Surface


Kim Cornelison

If you're looking to install laundry room storage cabinets to make your laundry room beautiful and efficient, use a mix of cabinetry options. A combination of shelves and drawers provides versatility, which is key to well-organized storage. A countertop spanning the washer and dryer provides a work surface for sorting and folding garments. A tension rod above the sink provides laundry room hanger storage.

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Slim Down

Adjacent Storage

James R. Salomon

Maximize storage in tight laundry spaces with a slender shelving unit. Designed to fit between the washer and dryer, the unit is perfectly sized for small jars and containers, and it neatly corrals everything within an arm's reach. Use open baskets to gather mismatched socks or items found in pockets.

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A Solution with Style

Laundry Room

Adam Albright

A space-saving stacked washer and dryer in this closet-turned-laundry area leaves plenty of room to install shelves for storage. If your laundry closet lacks a door, like this one, conceal it with a cute, colorful shower curtain suspended from a shower rod. The curtain solution hides the otherwise visible laundry room—a definite plus when guests visit.

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Hang Time

drying rack

Marty Baldwin

The secret to wrinkle-free clothes is hanging them up the moment the dryer buzzes. Extend hang space with an over-the-door rack or valet hook. This small version is perfect for drying undergarments and camisoles.

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Organize with Baskets

laundry room

Lauren Krysti

Use matching baskets to organize laundry room necessities. Removable cloth liners protect the baskets from spills and can be washed as needed to keep them fresh. Use attractive boxes to store laundry room essentials, such as sheets or towels. Label the boxes so you can find what you need without lifting a lid.

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Shelf Helpers

Laundry Caddy

Jay Wilde

Put the space in your laundry room cabinets to better use with a hanging wire shelf unit that hooks onto a cabinet door. Store laundry supplies in cute containers to organize the shelves in a smart and stylish way. Over-door hooks can work on the back of the door to the laundry room to stash the ironing board or extra supplies in a shoe organizer.

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