Laundry Room Storage Projects

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Wash away clutter in the laundry room with these storage tips and tricks. We have ideas for storing supplies, sorting dirty clothes, and more.

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Laundry Center

English Cottage Decor

This laundry center has plenty of storage takeaways. Here, wire baskets stand alone inside the shelf and put rags, dryer sheets, and other laundry necessities in plain view. Solid canvas totes hide unsightly items—such as bold and bulky detergent containers—from view. A repurposed dresser drawer perched on top of the unit holds mason jars filled with tiny supplies, such as buttons.

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Tucked Away Storage

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Get dirty clothes off the floor by sorting them in bags tucked next to the washer and dryer. Multiple bins allow you to pre-sort clothing, and wheels on the bottom of the basket make it oh-so-easy to toss in a load. For added organization, consider making or printing a set of labels so you never forget which basket is which.

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Clothes Carriers


Canvas bags, tucked neatly in a standalone shelving unit, make it convenient for family members to haul clean clothes back to their rooms. The same systems aid with dirty clothes. Provide a labeled hamper for each member of the household.

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Collect Pocket Finds


Always make sure to check the pockets of clothes before you wash to avoid damage that crayons or coins might do to the washer, dryer, or garments. Keep glass jars within reach and use them as a catchall for any pocket finds, detergent pods, or clothespins.

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Build a Folding Table

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Mount a tabletop or slab of laminate countertop atop your washer and dryer to create a full-service laundry center in minutes. A table skirt hides the setup in seconds, making it possible to integrate a laundry center into any room of your home.

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Hooked on Storage

clothes hanging on air-drying rack
Hanging clothes to dry rather than tossing them in the dryer can prevent shrinking, fading, and other damage caused by heat.

If your laundry room lacks enough depth for a traditional clothing rack, consider a wall-mount version. This accordion-style garment rack is perfect for hanging sportswear and delicates. When not in use, the rack can be folded nearly flush against the wall.

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On the Wall


Make space on the wall for your bulky ironing supplies. A mounted rack holds the board, while a catch-all wire basket keeps the iron, starch, and other supplies within reach. A colorful ironing board cover brings some bold style to the space.

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Handy Rolling Cart

laundry cart

With so much to do in a laundry area, there's no room for wasted space. Here, a small cart holding laundry supplies puts the area near the dryer and wall to good use. The cart has wheels so it can easily be moved.

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Attractive Storage Boxes

laundry room, teal cabinets, laundry

Enhance the decor of your laundry room while establishing additional storage. Here, matching wicker baskets keep clutter at a minimum and reinforce the modern-farmhouse theme of the room. Cabinet doors keep dirty clothes organized and out of sight.

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Pulldown Ironing Board

Utility Room Storage

Clear up floor space by installing a pulldown ironing board that's built into a cabinet or wall. Shelves inside the cabinet hold ironing supplies, while a hook mounted on the cabinet door holds a queue of items waiting to be ironed.

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Detergent Dispenser


Store detergent—lots of it—in a soap dispenser attached to a cabinet door. This smart secret banishes bulky detergent containers and makes it a cinch to measure the needed amount of product. Look for a dual soap dispenser to keep detergent and softener in the same spot.

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Easy Access

storage, shoe holder, organize

Display an array of laundry supplies with an over-the-door shoe organizer. The small pockets are ideal for holding brushes, clothespins, sponges, and other easy-to-lose items.

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Locker Talk

mud room

Consider a metal locker for stylish storage. The divided compartments make it easy to set up different laundry "zones." Use one locker each for dirty clothes, clean clothes, clothes waiting to be ironed, and supplies.

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Behind the Bar

laundry cart storage

A bar cart isn't just for mixing up a nightcap. This stylish storage piece holds baskets and buckets for corralling lost socks, towels, and ironing supplies. Its thin metal handle is perfect for balancing spray bottles.

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