Clever Storage Ideas Make This Laundry Room Multifunctional

Going beyond garments, this workhorse of a laundry room handles numerous household jobs.

laundry room storage shelving rolling bins

Organization is a laundry room's best friend, and the relationship is at its best here. This spacious room features well-placed cabinets and open shelves, making it easy to store detergents, stain removers, and extra cleaning supplies. However, it's the unique additions to these cool blue cabinets that handle the hard work. Nearly every inch of the space is work-friendly.

Gray concrete tiles with an eye-catching geometric design eliminate the need for rugs, allowing hamper wheels to roll freely. Glistening white quartz countertops in varying heights stretch along every wall and complement the soothing aqua cabinets. The washer and dryer, work sink, sorting area, desk station, and gift-wrap spot all fit seamlessly into the design.

Open shelving stores frequently used items. Natural baskets add softness and texture to the middle shelf. It also shows off a stylish collection—such as creamy white vases—rather than hiding it in a cupboard.

Squeaky Clean

laundry room storage

The washer and dryer slide under the cabinetry, making sure no space is wasted. A sink adjacent to the appliances makes for easy handwashing or stain-spotting before washing. A clear globe light fixture and wood beams add farmhouse charm.

Cute Containers

laundry room storage detergent scoops

Use glass containers with interesting shapes to store laundry supplies on countertops. Here, terrariums hold oft-used detergent and fabric softeners, and silver scoops give the countertop storage display a finished look. If you live in a humid environment, choose containers with lids. Always keep detergents out of children's reach.

Multi-Purpose Surface

laundry room with playing toys

A corner with a view breaks up the walls of built-in cabinets while providing a hardworking stretch of counter space. The welcoming light from the large windows makes doing chores a little more appealing. Gray trim around the windows gives a subdued look, and spring green stools can easily tuck underneath the counter.

Hidden Drying

laundry room storage

Pull-out drying racks are divinely disguised by drawer fronts. The multiple metal dowels can handle oodles of clothes without getting in the way of other projects. Once the drying is done, they can be pushed out of the way.

Laundry System

laundry room storage bin towels

Rolling laundry bins put dirty clothes in their place. Casters make it easy to pull out the bins when cleaning and folding clothes. Pre-cut wooden laundry labels (that match the color of nearby stools) attached with hook-and-loop tape announce which items go where.

Contain Chaos

Laundry room storage toy drawwer

Loaded baskets make as much sense hidden in drawers as they do set on shelves. The handles on this toy-filled basket make it easy to grab and go. When playtime is over, the basket slides neatly back into the drawer.

Practically Pretty

laundry room storage cabinets

Well-placed cabinets are as pretty as they are practical. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets disguise a laundry chute. The other cabinets in this area house a gift-wrapping station, crafts supplies, and overflow items from other areas of the home.

Easy Breezy

laundry room storage cupboard

Behind closed doors are the workings of the laundry chute. Clothes drop from the home's upper level directly into a rolling laundry bin. Once the bin is full, it can easily trade labels and places with those under the countertops.

Rolled Up

laundry room storage ribbon drawer

Adjustable metal dowels secured inside the top drawer keep decorative papers and ribbons organized. This storage solution also makes it much easier to see all the gift wrap options at once. Nearby drawers house other wrapping essentials, such as tape, cards, and scissors.

Tucked Away

modern barn sliding door laundry room

The storage-savvy laundry room can be easily hidden by a sliding barn door. By using a sliding system rather than hinges, the door doesn't take up space in the laundry room or adjacent hallway. When used as a workspace, it's nice to have the option of closing off the room from the rest of the home.

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