Must-See DIY Laundry Room Storage

Make laundry day less of a chore with these smart DIY storage tricks. We have ideas for ironing boards, laundry baskets, detergent, and more.

If you're lucky enough to have a laundry room, you understand the struggle of trying to get all your supplies to fit in a neat and orderly manner. You need a place to stash dirty clothes, air-dry delicates, store detergent -- the list goes on. That's why we scoured Pinterest to find the best DIY laundry room storage ideas. These blogger tips are guaranteed to organize your laundry room. Plus, since you're doing all of the work, you'll save a little money, too. 

More Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Ladder Drying Rack

This fun idea from Time to DIY repurposes an old ladder into a handy drying rack. The rungs are perfect for holding hangers or draping linens, and added hooks offer even more storage space. To hang the ladder, simply mount it to the wall with brackets. Get the full how-to here.

How to Make Laundry Day Easier

Farmhouse Folding Table

Folding laundry becomes less of a pain when you have a designated spot to do it. That's where Twelve On Main's pretty farmhouse folding table comes in. This customizable DIY table makes folding clothes a breeze. Plus, bountiful under-the-counter space and a cute side shelf ensure you have plenty of storage. See how to build a folding table for your home here.

Simple Laundry Basket Dresser

Sorting laundry just got SO much easier, thanks to this clever craft from Practically Functional. Several pieces of plywood join together to create a custom laundry basket dresser. Each basket gets a label, then when the basket is full, you'll know it's time for a load. Plus, the top of the dresser is wide enough to double as a folding table. Learn how to make your own dresser here

Lost Socks Bucket

Who hasn't lost a sock, thrown its matching mate away, and then found the original a few months later? This simple solution from The Hatched Home corrals lost socks in an attractive galvanized bucket. When the bucket is full, simply dump it out and look for matches. See this and other smart laundry room ideas here

More Solutions to Pesky Laundry Problems

Darling Detergent Dispenser

We love stylish storage, which is why we can't get enough of Cottage in the Oaks' lovely laundry detergent dispensers. This clever idea banishes bulky plastic jugs, and uses Mason jar drink dispensers to hold detergent, bleach, fabric softeners, and other liquid laundry needs. Since each dispenser holds so much, you can get rid of your current containers, plus ditch any backup supplies. Get more ideas here.

Easy-to-Build Storage Crates

If your washing machine and dryer are raised, don't let that precious floor space go to waste. The Wood Grain Cottage shows us how to maximize every inch with custom-built crates. Each crate can hold dirty laundry, extra detergent, or other laundry day supplies. Learn how to make them here

Rustic Ironing Board Hanger

Ironing is an integral part of the laundering process, but storing an ironing board can be tricky. Oftentimes, you need a long, narrow space. Take a leaf out of The Inspired Hive's book and store your ironing board on rustic hooks. Making this ironing board hanger is super simple -- all you need is four materials and instructions. Find the full how-to here

Easy Access Dryer Sheets

Why haven't we thought of this before? I Heart Organizing had the brilliant idea to store dryer sheets in a napkin holder. This trick is the easiest way to add style and effortless storage space to your laundry room. Get more clever ideas here.


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