Declutter Your Laundry Room

Utility Room Storage
Find unexpected satisfaction in your home's hardest working area with our ultimate laundry room storage solutions. This functional, family-friendly space incorporates custom cabinets, a rolling island, and beautiful built-ins for various optimized work areas.

Organize by Zone

Don't disrupt wash day with an unruly laundry room. Spacious L-shape cabinetry helps unify each step of the wash cycle and allows for plenty of counter space. Plus it houses a built-in utility sink, washer, and dryer.


Dual-Purpose Cart

An island on wheels provides both a surface for folding clothes and a hidden storage space for kids' art supplies, detergent, or clothespins. Pull the cart near the sink to serve as a second landing spot for clothing that must be hand-washed.

Conceal a Circuit Breaker Box

Guests will never guess that this magnetic chalkboard actually hides your home's circuit breaker box. Use the hinged message center to hang to-do lists, children's artwork, or coupons for laundry supplies.

Hang a Curtain Rod

Declutter rolls of tape and ribbon with an easily accessible spring-loaded curtain rod. Colorful canvas bins within the room's rolling cart sort craft supplies and projects.

Organize a small laundry room with these smart storage tricks and tips to bring order to your laundry routine.

Smart Storage Tricks for Small Laundry Rooms

A little cleverness goes a long way in styling small quarters. Utilize bins, baskets, shelves, and wall-mount solutions to organize even the littlest of laundry rooms.

Incorporate Your Ironing Board

Maximize your laundry room's potential by installing a drop-down ironing board behind a paneled door. The shallow compartment includes electrical outlets, hooks, and even a shelf for spray bottles.


Try Trays and Glassware

See-through acrylic trays are a simple way to gather detergent, soaps, and brushes. Keep powdered detergent clump-proof by storing it in an airtight glass canister.

Divide and Conquer

Two hatches cut into the countertop flip open to reveal laminate-lined cubbies that separate white and dark clothing. The cabinet doors also swing open in the front, allowing for extra-easy access.

Collect Clothespins

Repurpose your favorite glass votive holders into a caddy for clothespins. Store them near a collapsible, wall-mount drying rack for quick access when drying clothes.

Extendable Drawers

Outfit the lower portion of your cabinets with pullout drawers. The protractible shelves ensure trouble-free retrieval of craft supplies and laundry products.

Armoire-Style Cabinets

Store craft supplies, seasonal clothing items, and holiday decor in a stand-alone cupboard. Fixed shelves in the upper area house your most infrequently used items.

Consider Container Size

Keep clear, labeled boxes to just two sizes so all containers stack safely and attractively on shelves. Fill the smaller boxes with sewing supplies to use when mending is a must.

Label Bins and Baskets

Labeled canvas bins are a safe bet for storing winter hats, gloves, or other seasonal items. Divide extra bins with tabs to sort cards, tags, and other flat accessories by occasion and style. 

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