Tips for Laundry Room Storage Ideas in Small Spaces

At just 10x6 feet, this mini marvel maximizes limited floor and wall space with streamlined style, storage, and efficiency.

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Stylish Small-Space Laundry

Laundry room

Nestled between the back door and a mudroom that transitions into the kitchen, this small laundry room includes two walls of floor-to-ceiling storage to accommodate a busy family.

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Orderly Open Shelves

Laundry room shelves, baskets

Three deep metal shelves hold a bevy of laundry and cleaning supplies. A stylish mix of of new and vintage containers makes it easy to find essential kits for each step of the laundry process.

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Clever Add-Ons

Laundry room storage

A wall-mount hanger valet holds clothes for ironing and air-drying. The front-loading washer and dryer are topped with a granite slab for sorting and folding clothes.

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Cleaning Caddy

Ironing kit, laundry supplies

Save search time by grouping laundry items by purpose. Labels on shallow wire baskets keep task-specific supplies organized and at the ready. Handles make it simple to remove and replace each kit.

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Laundry Lessons

Laundry room decorating

Hardworking embellishments, such as rub-on transfer letters and a wall-mount ironing board, transform a sliver of wall space into chic storage space.

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Clean & Polished

laundry room

Opposite the washer and dryer, a wall of painted cabinets and a granite countertop put the polish on this petite laundry room. A floating stainless-steel shelf mounted to the backsplash introduces a spot to stow soaps and fresh flowers.

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Learn More About This Small Laundry Room

Organize a small laundry room with these smart storage tricks and tips to bring order to your laundry routine.

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Wash Station

Painted cabinetry, sink

A granite countertop and a deep stainless-steel sink serve as a wash station between outdoors and inside. The clutter-free countertop is an ideal work surface for treating stains and rinsing off after outside activities.

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Kitchen Cue

Laundry room storage

An elegant, kitchen-inspired touch, glass inserts elevate a wall of upper cabinetry and add visual interest without a hefty price tag.

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Concealed Storage

Shoe care kit

Behind cabinet doors, repositionable shelves accommodate baskets and bins in metal, rattan, glass, and wood. Adhesive labels give miscellaneous items, such as dog treats, sewing supplies, batteries, and a shoe-care kit, an organizational boost.

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Stain Kit

Stain removal kit

Skip the hassle of rummaging through drawers with an all-inclusive stain kit. A wooden trough with a stenciled label corrals stain-removal solutions, tools, and a guide in one easy-to-access spot.

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Recycle Station

Under Cabinet Storage, Pullout Storage

Optimize base cabinets by installing pullout racks for easy access. With an assigned spot for recyclable items, empty goods always find their proper home.

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Organized Drawers

Drawer divider, cleaning supplies

Maximize precious stowaway space in slim square footage by designating a shallow drawer to stash extra linens and supplies. A narrow bin creates instant order by organizing items by purpose and doubles as a partition.

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Optimize Undersink Space

Undersink storage, cleaning supplies

The area under the sink does more when you add multitier storage. Slide-out wire shelves, a toteable cleaning caddy, and a bag dispenser optimize space around plumbing and make cleanup a cinch.

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