10 Small Laundry Room Ideas That Maximize Space and Style

view of remodeled laundry room
Photo: Hector Sanchez

An efficient laundry room layout makes life easier all around. Although a tight space can pose challenges, the right storage and organizing strategies will grant you plenty of space for all the essentials. Use these small laundry room ideas to design a hardworking hub for washing, drying, and folding clothes.

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Efficient Laundry Room

small laundry room
Werner Straube

A wall of floating shelves helps this small laundry room live large. Above the washer and dryer, three deep shelves hold a variety of laundry and cleaning supplies, neatly organized with baskets and bins. A granite countertop provides a convenient folding station and extra space for frequently used items.

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Combined Bathroom and Laundry Room

modern bathroom with stacked washing machine and dryer
Laurie Black

A separate laundry room is a luxury not every small home has. Here, laundry facilities are conveniently incorporated into a first-floor bathroom. Stacking the washer and dryer saves space, while open shelves keep both toiletries and laundry products within easy reach.

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One-Wall Laundry Room

view of remodeled laundry room
Hector Sanchez

This small laundry room packs storage and personality into a one-wall solution. Butcher block forms a DIY countertop and open shelves above the front-loading washer and dryer. A narrow rolling unit sneaks extra storage alongside one machine. Penny tiles spell out a fun message on the floor, while sage green paint adds a splash of color to the ceiling.

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Converted Closet Laundry Room

laundry room in closet with wooden barn doors
Marty Baldwin

This small laundry room fits all the essentials inside a standard 6-foot-wide closet. Front-loading machines are topped with a butcher-block countertop and nestled next to a two-drawer hamper. Above, a drying rack and open shelves put the walls to work. Barn doors easily slide closed when the work is done.

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Small Laundry Room Countertops

custom wood build around laundry machines
Christina Schmidhofer

Front-loading appliances neatly tuck under a set of windows in this small laundry room. A waterfall wood countertop creates space for folding clothes and a landing spot for laundry baskets. Closed cabinet space provides hidden storage for detergents, stain removers, and more.

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Small Laundry Room Design

laundry room with flowered green wall
Annie Schlechter

A small laundry room is the perfect spot to make a bold statement. Bright green floral wallpaper takes this lower-level laundry area from utilitarian to bright and cheerful. Checkerboard floors and elegant accessories further personalize the space.

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Hallway Laundry Room

black front-load washer dryer laundry nook baskets wallpaper
Edmund Barr

Located in a hallway, this small laundry room uses stylish tricks to camouflage hardworking storage and appliances. Wall cabinets organize laundry-day essentials behind closed doors, and a metal rod provides a spot for hang-to-dry garments. An alternative to bulky laundry baskets, woven bins, which slide on top of the washer and dryer, hold stacks of clean clothes ready to put away. Wallpaper wraps the small space in subtle pattern.

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Hidden Laundry Room

laundry room set within cabinetry
Paul Dyer

Fit a makeshift laundry room into a collection of cabinets, such as those in a kitchen, to hide these hardworking appliances in plain sight. The doors to this laundry area open and slide back into the cabinet so they don't impede traffic flow. Open space above the washer and dryer provides a spot to stash laundry baskets, and upper shelves stow cleaning supplies.

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Small Laundry Room Storage

laundry room with blue and white striped floors
Lauren Rubinstein

Vertical storage makes smart use of the area above the appliances in this small laundry room. A combination of open shelves and closed cabinets hold extra supplies, lost items, knick-knacks, and more. Framed art and a wallpapered accent wall personalize the hardworking space.

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Small Laundry Room Closet

guest house laundry linen and pantry storage
Julie Soefer

In this cleverly designed loft, the laundry area fits into a narrow closet next to the pantry. A stacked washer-and-dryer combo maximizes function within the tight footprint. Open storage compartments around the machines provide areas for hanging clothes, storing laundry products, and stashing extra towels.

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